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We had problems with our dishwasher just after it was serviced a couple of months back - it was tripping the switch for all sockets on the fuseboard towards the end of the cycle. Due to other issues that came up we didn't get to look at it until recently so in the interim just didn't use it. It's a Powerpoint integrated disher.

I figured the waste pipe may have been kinked when the service man slid it back in. I have taken it out and made sure there's room at the back for the waste pipe (which runs into the waste outlet directly under the kitchen sink) and it works, though I'm not sure all is well.

It's taking a very long time to run - 90 minutes on Economy cycle and it seems that there is a long delay between the washing finishing and the water being drained. There's a lot of heat at the top though I'm not sure if this is the same as it was before. So I'm thinking it is still having issues with draining.

How long would a normal economy cycle on the usual disher roughly run for? Any things I should look at that may be affecting drainage before having to call in a service man? Naturally, we are only running it when we are around to supervise it at the moment.


Just going by my own Whirlpool dishwasher, the Eco cycle takes about 40 minutes.

Probably a really stupid question, but did you check the filter?

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Our Whirlpool takes between 75 and 90 mins for a normal cycle (it adjusts the time itself automatically depending on how dirty the wash is). Eco cycles generally take longer don't they?

FrankGrimes Registered User

Cheers, I'll try it on another cycle tonight and see if that's quicker. I'll double-check the drain pump for blockages beforehand too.

Conar Registered User

I have a Zanussi and the Economy cycle takes 115 minutes.

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My Electrolux dishwasher takes about 2 hours, similar to Zanussi. Auto-mode it usually says 137mins!

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45 minutes is grand for mine on the economy, make sure you scrape the plates off as much as u can before you put them in, if you don't then your filter or waste pipe is probably clogged.

FrankGrimes Registered User

Something's not right with it - sometimes it drains no problem and I can hear the water going out the drain at full speed, which would suggest drain is not blocked. Other times it trips the RCD fuse for all sockets after a long delay after finishing washing and water is just left sitting in the bottom.

Given the amount of hassle we've had with it, we're thinking of just cutting our losses and replacing it (it's out of warranty as we had it purchased but had to leave it a few months before installing due to delays in building the extension).

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