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Hi, I am a 25 year old man from Dublin. My situation is this . . .

I have a good life, many friends and get along with my family. I have a good job that I like and all that kind of stuff is great, luckily for me.

My problem is that I have started blushing heavily in the last year or two. I have normal Irish skin, but rosy cheeks. When I was younger I didn't give a b*lx to be honest ! It's only now as I'm getting older that I've started caring - and I think that adds to the problem.

I am confident and have never had problems getting along with people or getting a girl. But this has REALLY affected me in the past 2 years.

Basically my cheeks are red most of the time - this is not too severe but when I exercise/go outside it becomes much worse. Also, when I'm in a pub or when something goes wrong in a social environment (even something small like a joke out of place or something falling out of my hand) my face just burns up making me more self-conscious and then this in turn adds to the burning ! Then for an hour or so afterwards I can't smile/laugh/talk to anyone properly all my concentration is on my bright red face !!

I am wondering if there is any way to sort out this problem. Is there anyone else out there that has the same problem ? What have you done?

I have heard of these solutions

Proponal (inderal) beta blockers

cutting a nerve under the arm (eft or something)

hynosis ?

It's really getting bad and happens nearly everytime I go out now and I am stopping going out and avoiding social sitiations now becasue of it

Thanks for your help


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Hey pal,I know exactly what you mean I suffer from the same thing, it's not Rosacea that I do know. I think it's just fragile/damged or broken capillaries under the skin which can become very easily irritated by pretty much anything ,eg: cold weather/what you eat/drink etc and especially in social situations which I find very debilitating so I tend to avoid certian things which I know may cause me to flare up.

Have a look here it might be of some help.
I got from the Essential Day Spa Sothy's range the 'Light Cream for fragile capillaries' and also the 'Concentrate Serum' too you have to use it every evening/night or you can use it twice a day if you want for at least 2 weeks for anything to happen which I did and it did reduce the redness alot but after a week went back to normal I've tried 'Clinique CX Redness relief cream' but lost faith in that after a few weeks when I noticed it did nothing although it does say use twice daily and 90% of the time I only used it at night

I'm currently using a cream called 'Guinot Anti Redness Cream' which is supposed to be good but you have to use it for 3 months before any visible improvment can be seen apparently, I ain't holdin my breath though .

If you watch Eastenders the Bradley Branning guy has exactly what I have and I've noticed his are very rarely red these days so I wish I could get me hands on what he's using to keep his under control.
Unfortunately there seems to be very little that can be done to solve this unless you're willing to fork out a couple of grand for some laser treatment which may not even work in the end.
Anyway don't worry you're not the only one with this there's loads of people with it

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I used to be the same. It killed me during college and prevented me from going for things I wanted job and romance-wise.

Hasn't happened in a while now although it did happen the other night and I'm not sure why.

ANyway, in terms of solutions, you can download hypnosis sessions online which can be good.

Also, a lot of the time it happens, instead of concentrating on your face, try breathing deeply and concentrating on your heart/chest area - might sound a bit bizarre but it came to me one day while walking (I'd always go red when I;d see people I half knew) and it takes your consciousness away from your face.

Avoid showering just before you go out - I think that I used to always have the water on really too hot and then when the skin starts to dry out it gets tight and you're more concious of it.

Also, I stopped using a blade to shave - I now use an electric razor (the type you use to shave your head) as I found that when I have a day's stubble I feel more comfortable and relaxed. Also, wet shaving used to always tighten my skin up.

Remember this: You have the choice to let it control you or you it. So, you can remind yourself that yes, you do go red, but that that's not going to stop you from doing the things you want to do. It could limit you yes, but if you choose for it not to do so then you'll just focus on the task at hand, not your face.

There's also another thing you can do: sounds a bit odd but if when you're embarrassed and going red, and you feel others notice, then make a bit of a joke about it to diffuse the power of the situation. ..... ...

The older I got and the more comfortable I became with myself, the less i noticed it happening and the less I let it effect me. And if it did happen I knew that it would only last a while and then be gone. The more I did things I wanted to do (surf/yoga/socialising) the less it effected my life.

And, sometimes you feel that you're going red when you're not or you feel it;s really bad when in fact it isn't.

And remember, going red is part of human nature, we do it when we're embarrassed. Allow yourself to go red when it's called for.


I have the same thing across my nose and cheeks, and I was told by a specialist that it was Rosacea. At the time I was given an ointment which just made matters worse for me.

Some one then suggested cleansers. Ask your girlfiend / wife / sisters and try theirs. I got 3 bottles of stuff from Bodyshop and applied it every night and they did make the redness go away.

I cannot give you any names because I don't use it anymore - I just live with it. But I'll ask herself in the morning and get names for you. Basically you just cleanse the area of affected skin every night. It takes about a week for it to work but you have to keep doing it.

Also certain foods make worse. For me it was curries and spicy food. For another friend it was a certain black drink.

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I have the same problem ts. Tho Im not too confident and Im a shy person so that really doesnt help my case. My cheeks arent normally red all the time but then when something happens socially it just blows up. so annoying.

Im gonna look into stuff too to clear it. All the best!


There is nothing more sincere then a blush, it can't be faked.

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I have the same problem as you.
When I was younger, I was always really embarrassed about it, never joining in in pe, never doing anything that might make my face go red.
But I realised as I got older that it's not a big deal. I'm not saying that if you want to go for something to fix it you shouldn't, but it would be a lot cheaper to accept it .

PS, I think guys blushing is really hot

PPS, I'm a girl


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Thanks for all the replies

Unfortunately nothing really concrete here though . . .

Anyone else know of anything ?

Thanks for PM from darob by the way

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I'm in the same boat, runs in my family. I've never tried to do anything about it but my sister has tried loads of stuff, creams and hypnosis, all failing and some making it worse. I have a theory that there's nothing you can do about it. If you try and do something about it you're going to make it worse as you're just highlighting the problem in you're own mind. The best thing you can do is not get rid of the problem but learn to live with it. I have and it doesn't bother me. I still blush, probably a couple of times a day but I don't let it bother me. As Thaedydal said, there's nothing more sincere than a blush.

Best of luck.

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The best retort to 'what colours red?' (ie YER FACE!) is ;

'that frequency of the electromagnetic spectrum which falls between the frequencies that we call Orange and Infrared.'

Guaranteed to make em shut up !

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There is an operation available - I don't know anything about it except it was in the papers because some guy died on the operating table while getting it done -

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REDMAN1983 said:
My problem is that I have started blushing heavily in the last year or two. I have normal Irish skin, but rosy cheeks. When I was younger I didn't give a b*lx to be honest ! It's only now as I'm getting older that I've started caring - and I think that adds to the problem.

If the caring about it has worsened it, then the solution is obvious and less drastic than medication or an operation (which does have side-effects). Look up 'social anxiety' or 'social phobia' - the solution is usually CBT

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Yes, I've heard about this

What is CBT ?


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Check out

See if what they say tick's any of the boxes for you.

They have a CD series using CBT.

I've done it and it's worthwhile.


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