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~~~ People, not too worried but can you try to keep image sizes at or below 1024*768 for easier readability for those of us with 720p or higher screens? Horizontal scrollbars are the work of the Devil!!~~~


firt off here is mine :

hope you all like my getto nvidia 7100 gt (my 8800 has gone to gfx heven)

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Had to remove one of the side fans as the scythe ninja just takes over the case!
More pics in my sig link.

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And here comes my beast. Soon to have a Q6600. Sadly a B3, but ill have that bitch at over 3ghz..... Hopefully.

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my ninja mod

the internals

will do a cable tidy and take some artsey fartsy pics of it soon

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In the same manner of Know your nerds, anyone posting here without pics of their builds gets banned. And no chats or other OT posts. If you want a discussion, open another thread or PM.

This is the one and only warning you all get.

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(\/)0n0L17(-) II

HAL 1.0

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A few Previous Pc's

Cheap case.

Free Home made Case.

Watercooled Pc.

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Heres mine:

papu Registered User

just finished ma watercooling


papu said:
my ninja mod

What is this Ninja mod? did you get the blue light inside?

papu Registered User

its a 4" cold cathode in there i droped the cable through first and passed it through the bottom fins , the pulled the cathode through , i got a bit of plastic , from an old cassette tape put super glue on the sides slide it through untill it covered the top hole then turned the thing upside down untill the plastic held , its just gathering dust on my shelf now

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Previous two posters banned. No chat means no chat.

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