Danny2580 Registered User

Any ideas where I can find a list of swiftcode / Iban addresses for AIB, or do I have to ring them up to find it?

Zaph Millionaire Oppressor

An IBAN (International Bank Account Number) is specific to each account you hold. I don't know about AIB, but on Bank of Ireland statements the IBAN is displayed just below the account number on the top right hand side. If you don't have a statement your branch will be able to give you the IBAN for each account. For the SWIFT code, again ring your branch and they'll give it to you. It should be the same code for all payments.

Toots Administrator

AIB swift code is AIBKIE2D

You must ring the branch or check your statement to get your IBAN number as it is unique to your account.

Rosita Registered User

What is the significance of an IBAN and Swift number?

Just that I was asked for them recently by someone to whom I had already given my bank account number and sort code and recived payment.

I am in the place on a work placement which is nearing its end and was just thought maybe it was a sign that I might be offered some kind of regular position by the employer if they were looking for such extra information.

Maybe I am reading something into it that is way off beam altogether, but the significance of these things has never dawned on me at all, not least because I had not heard of them before!

Does anyone have a layman's explanation as to why someone might need these along with account number and sort code? I presume it is some kind of extra security thing?

Ghostrider1 Registered User

If you want to make a domestic payment (within the republic ) all you need is the sort code (on your bank card or bank statement) and the account numbers. however if you want to make a payment within Europe you need the IBAN and Swift . This is becace european banks do not have access to the Irish Clearing system.
If you look at your IBAN number you will find in many cases it is a combination of the branch sort code and your account number.
reason you may have been asked for it even though a payment was made in the past using the old sord code is that many of the Web based payments systems used the banks have moved over to IBAN and away from Domestic sort codes

Rosita Registered User

Great. Thanks for that.

irishstu Registered User

Came across this

which seems useful - generates the IBAN for you

socroni Registered User

Great link, it answered how the check digits are formulated.

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