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Its back again ladies and gentlemen as of today.......

I picked up 2 sets up earlier....

This is what I saw in blanch earlier

-> Lochmuir salmon with soya glaze
-> Chicken breast with caesar melt and proscuitto


-> house salad
-> potatoes


-> 2 lemon souffles
-> 2 melting middle chocolate puddings

- red: Bordeaux 2006 (worth €9.49 alone)
- rose: california
- dry white: Pino Grigio

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atgate Registered User

add to that:

Mains - pork medallions

Veg - Caesar veg. mix

Desert - Strawberry and Creme de something patisseries (got the description wrong there but particularly delicious).

Great value offer.

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nc6000 Registered User

We had the Lochmuir Salmon last time the offer was on. MMMMMMMmmmmm

chris85 Registered User

saw this yestereday, verey interesting. must pop back in


Got 2 of thes emeals last night for this evening and tomorrow. Amazing value. Maybe this "recession" will have its good points after all if grocery prices in this country start to match those in other (lower cost) countries. BTW, amazing how the price of nappies fell in Tescos when Lidl slashed teh price of theirs - €5.89 for a pack of nappies (I've got 3 kids in nappies so its a great price for me). However, knowing Tesco's they probably put up the price of everything else to cover what they were losing on the nappies.

banchang Registered User

Lemon souffles come with little ramekins.


A little off topic, but a good related article from yesterdays Evening Standard, on the subject of M&S's current share price woes

snubbleste Banned

This certainly is a bargain alert. Fantastic food and the same deal is £10 in the UK, so no massive mark-up.

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Dotcomdolly Registered User

I got the pork, caesar veg, choc puds & pinot grigio - €12.66 discount at till - very impresive saving.
so what's the max saving? the red wine, caesar veg and??

BrotMonster Registered User

Hi, we went to M&S on grafton st. today and we told that the offer ran out in 30min on thursday. We decided to eat there anyway (normal price) and had a terrible experience:

1. We were taken to seat and left for 15 min, finally got the attention of the staff to take our order.
2. We waited ages for drinks, when they came the were incorrect.
3. There was total confusion with the staff offering us and other diners the incorrect orders.
4. The food arrived (fish & chips x2) - fish was cold in the middle and the chips weren't cooked fully. Also the table was dirty (food stains and dust/dirt - it was on the terrace) and there were no cutlery or napkins.
5. Overall the standard of the fish and chips was no better than you would find in any supermarket.

We told the waiter that we weren't happy with the food and in fairness to him he said he would not charge for either meals. I suspect the low standard is at least in some way due to the restaurant recently opening but I don't think this should effect the quality of the food.

daisy123 Registered User

Is this bargain for eating in store restaurant or to buy and bring home?

Dotcomdolly Registered User

daisy123 said:
Is this bargain for eating in store restaurant or to buy and bring home?

The latter. Brotmonster, it's the groceries in the food hall this offer is about. Sorry you had such a lousy experience in the restaurant though.

BrotMonster Registered User

I think they were actually doing it in the restaurant on grafton street, we asked the manager who seated us. He said they started 12:00 on thursday and was sold out by 12:30.
I would have been much happier with the supermarket deal.

daisy123 Registered User

Might run in and see if they have any in stock in the morning!

oneweb Registered User

Without a doubt the BEST bargain I've ever had!!

Yesterday evening in Dundrum, Marks and Spencer actually PAID ME 19c for...

White zin rose (8.99)
Melt salm fcake (5.79)
-> This is all that was left on the Dine for 2 shelf at around 18:30, a member of staff apologised that the rest was sold out so seeing that other people had gotten a card (and as it was also mentioned in the previous offer thread here on boards), I asked for one too. "There's 8 euro on that to use against a side and desert".

What was left was promptly removed and replaced by a sign saying "Sorry the offer is over for today, the shelf will be filled again tomorrow morning."

Wandering around the dessert section, I happened upon a
Crem caramel (2.49)

Part 3 of 4 for the meal deal. Score!

I also picked up
Vanilla/maple smoothie (1.90)
Toffee sauce (2.99)
Apricot danish (1.65)

Got to the till, new guy took over.

Subtotal 23.81
Use the gift card -8.00

As next customer was being served, I asked if the meal deal was applied (I wasn't sure if the 8.00 gift card was in lieu of the 12.50 offer). The guy apologised and called his manager. Manager apologised and asked me to go to another till, saying he'd need to refund in cash. That's fine.

Manager logged into till, tapped away and handed me cash. Thank you!

I checked my change later and saw I was given 16.00 back. Going through the receipt and seeing the subtotal after the gift card (not on receipt) was only 15.81, I realised that the venture was definitely worth it

Thanks OP, thanks Marks and Spencer! I'll definitely be shopping there again, even if only for the yummy food and great customer service.

sue97 Registered User

Thanks for the tip. Went to Blanch this morning. Got 2 large chickens (one for the freezer), profiteroles, 2 slices of cheesecake; 2 bottles of wine, 1 large bowl of salad and greens which look yummy for 25 euro.

Happy days

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