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Hi. I am doing some work for a company who wants me to work with a few video clips from their CCTV. Their system is using Intellex by Sensormatic, which is some proprietary video encoding and can only be played on their special player, which you have to install for each and every clip you export from their DVR recorder.

I am wondering if anyone knows how to convert these types of videos into something useful. Its a pain since their player doesn't allow screen capture, enlargement, or any other useful functions. We can't get stills nor can we zoom in, making most of the CCTV footage recorded with this system pretty much useless. If I could convert to MPG or AVI at least I could have a bit more capabilities when using it, but as it stands now, this crappy footage on this crappy proprietary system is pretty much worthless.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Is it this one?
because if it is there is an AVI export facility (under remote accessibility).

Otherwise you will have to use some type of VGA capture card/cable like
Expensive option!

Or you could try recording from the screen with a video camera. Pretty crappy I know but with a LCD screen and a well positioned camera you might get an acceptable result.

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please provide file extension name and i'll see what i can find. I think I have a few files on intellex units.

Also, I may be able to provide email address to Sensormatic (Tyco Safety Products) in Belfast, but may be Monday as my contact in Cork won't be in work until monday morning.


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If I remember correctly there is a client application shipped with the DVR unit that allows you to view the video without going in through internet explorer.

This application should have a backup option on one of the screens and under the backup option you should be able to select the backup file format type.

.AVI should be listed as one of the backup filetypes...

Hope this helps..

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I believe its the Network Client you are referring to?
Here is a link to some downloads

<EDIT>Actually, this is a link to the player needed. It will work with systems that are running up to version 4.2</EDIT>

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The Intellex software exports a clip with an intellex application so that the clip can not be modifyed or altered in any way for evidance in the court's ,for legal reasons ect. It will not export into mpg or avi, the only way to capture this image is by using a screen capture application >While playing the clip from the intellex application the screen capture program can select the area of the clip to record and convert to avi/mpg.

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If you view and save an incident and its in your database, you then just select export and it gives you an option for AVI or FILE, with FILE being the proprietary software version, but it DOES support AVI export

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I'm trying to use this img format too. I've been playing with it for a few hours now but not really getting anywhere.

I originally assumed it was a form of MJPEG or even a rapper for a list of BMP files (as there doesn't seem to be any interframe coding, but the frames look heavily jpegged).

I searched the img files I have for the bytes 0xFFD8 (Start of Image for Jpeg) and "BM" (for BMP) but no joy - they turn up everywhere, not just at frame-length intervals.

I did find that the video names are stored as ASCII strings towards the end of the file.

I'm running out of ideas to crack this now, and there is no help on the web.

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Did you try the Player I linked to?

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whisht said:
If you view and save an incident and its in your database, you then just select export and it gives you an option for AVI or FILE, with FILE being the proprietary software version, but it DOES support AVI export

My version of the software (one off the net) doesn't offer any options under "View" except to toggle the status bar. What version do you have?

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whisht said:
Did you try the Player I linked to?

Yes. Intellex_Player_v4.2.exe

Maybe I'm being dumb (not the first time)

The menu options I get are File-> Open, Close, Database, Exit

Under Database is New, Remove, Scan, Import, Incident Verify, Image File Verify.

None of those do anything much.

Next is View, which has only one sub option - Status Bar (toggle)

Then Setup - which only changes the layout of the window, and Help.

That seems to be it.

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Speaking from experience and programming those systems, I can admit the versions 2.6 up to 4.0 are problematic to all those issues you all have been having. Footage isn't great on those versions, blury, cannot zoom in to clean up images, no facial recognition, nothing. As in the 4.2 version the images are pretty clean.

You will need the intellex player which comes built in the software to playback any images u wish off the system or on the actual OS of the intellex. If u go into the database drives you will see .mpeg files which will not open in media player for security reasons, (encrypted files).

If u wish u can do screen shots on the network cliet or intellex player, but you wont get a precise image. Very frustrationg , i know.

Also modifying the mother board by replacing the original board with an after market one is pretty simple
you dont need to contact sensormatic to generate a key.
What you can do is simply install the new board, and drivers on the windows side, then edit the mac address of new board by replacing its address with the old address and the system will resume Intellex video capturing and its interface.
this will save you tonns of time and the intellex will work a whole hell of a lot better wit an after market mainboard and will not crash. As you users have noticed with the original boards the system freezes up or the software crashes and always need to reload.

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forgot one thing, you can extract/export images to a flash drive or external hard drive, guess you guys knew that. when u connect an external drive, d system will ask u to go to storage setup..DONT!!!
do the norm search and export
and uncheck "to cdrom"
select browse and look for you drive
saves you cds and time
and you can capture a bigger image pending on your external drive size.

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Thanks for the info, but you're dragging up a thread that hasn't been touched in nearly a year.

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I am not sure how old this thread is, but here is a link that give fairly good explanation on how to export Intellex video to different players:

Microsoft Media Player - http://cctvhelp.com/showthread.php?t=135

Microsoft Bitmap - http://cctvhelp.com/showthread.php?t=134

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