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Hi, does anyone have any tips on soundproffing a 7.5 bar water pump ;(

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Would need to know more about the pump, but noise from such things is often as much to do with how it's mounted as anything. Put it on rubber antivibration pads and that should cut out some of the noise at least. Otherwise you could make a plywood enclosure for it, but you would need to provide openings for the motor to pull in cooling air, and that would let some sound escape.


Also put insulation foam on the pipes to and from it to dampen any vibrations.

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check if the pump is "air cooled" or "water cooled" obviously if its air cooled making an enclosure is not recommended, keep in mind that most of the sound is vibration instead of convection


I have the same problem. I tried to set the showermate pump on a bit of kingspan . helped a good deal.

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All sound is vibration! For sure, vibration through the pipes and the floor is the biggest problem.

I have heard it said (though have not done this) that if you put a box around it, it is better to make it out of something heavy, like lead. This will dull a lot more sound than plywood.

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A pumps source of noise is indeed vibration and internal frictions which tends to contain more lower frequencies. Lower frequencies can only be attenuated by a few methods. Disconnecting the source of the vibrations from the medium ie your floor and pipes, so sit it on a chunk of rubber and possibly use flexible hosing to connect the water pipes. Then theres the vibrations coming from the housing of the pump, these can be attenuated using mass. So build a house around it from a heavy material like concrete blocks or perhaps as someone suggested,lead.
However ventilation will be an issue. How about, finding the heat source on the pump, attaching a large copper braid (flexible) to that area and running the braid to a large heat sink outside the pump housing?

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Cut a flagstone and put a piece under the pump ,the dead wieght eases the vibration from the pump.

The loudest sounds sometimes come from the pipework resting on a partition wall ,try and lodge some aero board behind the pipe or get some armaflex for the pipe.

EDIT : 7.5 bar is a lot for a domestic pump ,whereabouts is it located ?

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