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Hi guys. I have a black labrador. He's just over a year old. Some parts of his coat are turning brown. I had him in the vet the other day for his annual vaccination and the vet said that the brown areas could be just old hair that will fall out or that it could be that he does not have a complete diet. I have been feeding him on pedigree nuts since I got him. I was just wondering if that is what everyone else feeds their dogs or what food would ye suggest? Thanks

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Nutro, Arden Grange, Burns, Royal Canin.

There are lots of other good makes, but I'd say those are the best that are easily available in Ireland.

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Agree with Carwash, I feed Nutro and find it excellent.

Good rule of thumb is to steer clear of the supermarket brands.

Don't forget to wean your dog onto his new food slowly or you could end up giving him an upset tummy.

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The bigger pet shops and vets always have free samplers of royal canin, so u could try your pet on it. Its great stuff and gives dogs a lovely coat... on a not so nice topic... it makes the poops very manageable to pick up versus tinned food or pouches.
Just make sure u check portion guidelines for each brand as the quality brands tend to be concentrated so you need to feed them less of it.

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Do remember though that a sample bag of food will not show you whether the food is going to change your dogs coat. All it will do is allow you to check that the dog will eat it. Considering most of the better brands of food will give you a money back guarantee that your dog will like the food I wouldn't worry too much. If the dog eats pedigree I'd be really surprised if he didn't eat any of the better brands.

Any food that you get give it at least 8-9 weeks to see if it makes a difference. Also make sure you brush the dog regularly as you could find that the dog is losing more hair for a time while they are changing ob=ver their coat on the better quality food.

Hope you find a food that makes a difference, although by changing to a better quality food, even if you don't see a huge difference in the coat at least you will know that the dog is getting better nutrition.

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Agree all those foods are good, I feed my two Burns. Also give the dog a good brushing out and perhaps a wash with some good dog shampoo and conditioner or take him to the groomers if he's too heavy to lift into a bath. A good brush and wash up will make his coat look a lot better and get rid of any old hair. Coupled with a good diet regular brushing and he will be shining.

Top off with a fancy new collar lol

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I feed my black lab on Burns & Nutro and get lots of comments on his coat - he is stunningly black & shiny. He is nearly 4 & has never seen a bath - apart from the river, lakes or sea! Our previous black lab was with us until he was 15 and probably only bathed 2 or 3 times in his life. So don't bath him unless you really need to as it will strip the natural oil from the coat. Our first fella used to turn brown in the Summer, & I always put it down to sun bleaching some of the colour from the hair. Although with the weather we're getting at the moment maybe your boy is going rusty

I brush once a week, more when they are shedding. I find the best way to get rid of dead hair is a trip to the beach & let them swim.

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try to stay away from the supermarket ones, they are just full of artificial colours and flavours, not very healthy and nutritious for the dog.
I feed my rottie "KRONCH" its a danish fish based food that isnt available in the shops. its very good quality and i feed pure salmon oil along with it and i show my rottie and everyone always comments on his coat. is the name of the company where i get it from.

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Red mills is a good healthy choice

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lakes said:
Red mills is a good healthy choice

Red mills leader brand is good. Dont think the rest of the range is great.

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What do people think of Hill's pet food?

carwash_2006 Registered User

Hills is definitely not as good as some vets seem to think. I have heard a few stories from people who were less than happy with the effect it had on their dog. The main thing though is that a lot of dogs really don't find it that palatable compared to ones like Nutro or Arden Grange.

The vet recommended it to me years ago for an elderly dog, we tried for months to change her on to it, every time we started feeding her only on the Hills her stools became intolerably loose. We eventually changed her onto Royal Canin which she was great on.

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Agree on the hills front, don't forget the ones the vet sell see them getting a higher profit so of course they'd recommend it. I have a 5 month old weinmaraner and have just changed her over from Hills to James Wellbeloved. It was recommended by a dog trainer to me. I have to say the difference in her over the 2 weeks is unreal. Coat is very glossy and all round she seems happier and firmer poos, which of course is good. Brown rice and some pasta mixed into the food is good if your dog picks up a bit of a tummy bug. helps it settle down.

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-OK, for the benefit of those who can only afford supermarket brands can anyone recommend which is best I have a rough collie (sharky 1 1/2yrs old), a Grey hound (Pavo3-4yrs old) and a dachshund/pointer (Molly 8yrs) I feed them mostly on bakers, pedigree when on special offer and pedigree natural when I can get hold of it.Molly has been on this food for nearly 8yrs and at her last check up I was told to keep feeding her what ever it was she was on she has perfect health, a cotton wool coat in winter and a satin coat in summer and the most perfect set of teeth the vet has ever seen (down to a denistick a day as well) Pavo who came to me under weight covered in scars, bad teeth, dull brown coat and poor health and no energy, in only five months he has passed all his health checks, wounds are all healed up and has a new shinny black coat like silk and his teeth have improved greatly so has his energy and sharky who came in with a dull unmanageable coat and under weight in five months he is healthier and he now has a lovely glow form his coat but still unmanageable but never stops going now.
I have 14 animals at present one is a 25yr old cat that was brought up on go-cat for 18yrs of that. She got the all clear last year apart from going deaf and losing one fang she still has all the rest of her teeth. I have to say the supermarket brands most be doing something right.They also get fresh fish and chicken and lots and lots of turkey for the cats recommend by my vets wife good for the heart and cot liver oil two to three times a week pored over the dry food (about a good dessert spoon full) no more as this will only run the goodness out of them if it's given to often. I swear by go-cat and will be sorry to see it go. If anyone can recommend a better market brand I'd love to hear it and will take it on board. The dogs go through such a huge amount of food it's not possible to buy vet brands on my budget although I feel what they are getting has been of great benefit to them.

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Have a look at the ingredients on the Bakers, it is stuffed full of additives.

One of the things to take into account is that the with really good quality brands of food the dog does not need to eat as much of it, so it often not costing you any more than the supermarket brands.

Arden Grange is slightly cheaper than most other high quality foods. A lot of people who cannot get their heads around paying those sort of prices seem to have a fair amount of success with Red Mills Tracker, as it is specified as a greyhoud food it falls within the 13.5% vat rate which makes it a bit cheaper than the pet brand foods.

I think that over the years some of the supermarket brands are getting worse and worse, they are packing them full of additives and using the cheapest grade of ingredients, so where animals in the past that were fed on these brands did very well you may find that it might not work the same any more.

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