Thank the gods that we now have a proper place to discuss beards and beard related issues and to a lesser extent hats.

I'd like to start with a proper serious topic that effects many people of the bearded variety, itchy beard syndrome.

I have a decent size goatee made of nice thick Irish red hair, as ya do . I like to keep it longish, at about 3 inches or more and find it gets a bit on the itchy side the longer it gets.

I'm thinking its down to dry skin under the beard myself. Can anyone suggest a remedy for the dry skin under the beard ?

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DenMan Registered User

Give it a good wash with a good shampoo. It will clean the hairs and make them soft and shiny. Let it dry naturally and if you need to run the hairdryer through it, do it after a a good while. Some people I knew used to blast their beards with hot air once washed, not good as it hardens and twists. More like cardboard than a beard. My beard is brown and soft. When I have a goatee I let it grow out a bit, but when I wear a full short beard, I run the beard trimmer through it and it looks more like a shadow effect than a full beard, not very heavy. I don't think it matters what color it is. Red hair can be thin or thick I believe.

Red Hand Registered User

Whenever I've let it grow out, it would get very itchy and I used to actually pull the hairs out with my fingernails. After a while I'd have to shave it it became so annoying.


You should shampoo rinse and repeat,but make sure you use 'head & sholders' cool menthol, it's very refreshing. You should also use it on your pubic hair, it will really cool down your ballsack especially during the summer months.

DenMan Registered User

Yes I would imagine you need to cool down your ballsack first before you lie down and relax while having a beer on the beach somewhere warm, like Crete....

Dord Registered User

StiffLitlemicky: Keep it on topic please.

Wibbs Je suis un Rock star

Funny I used to get this when I used shampoo. I stopped and the itch stopped. I found a weak solution of cider vinegar left in for a bit and then rinsed with plain water worked a charm. The best treatment for dandruff on the head too. It was an old aunt of mine years ago told me of that one. Apparently from what I've read since, skin is naturally acidic and all soaps and shampoos even the ph neutral ones strip the skin of the good bacteria etc and cause an imbalance.

BTW strangely enough you only smell like a chipper on a sat night for a few minutes. Even if for some reason you don't rinse. the smell evaporates off. Leaves the hair very soft too.

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