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I was out and about with the missus on sunday and we ended up on Thomas Street, somewhere we wouldn't ordinarily be. While heading back into town we say a sandwich board on the street for a polish cukiernia (bakery) down the alleyway by Vicars Street.

If you're looking for authentic polish cakes and buns this is the place. While the polish bakery on Capel Street isn't bad, it's not really authentic and Mike's Cakes on Bolton Street is fairly overpriced and tasteless.

There was a good selection of really authentic polish cakes and buns and the prices were really quite reasonable. The lady in there was very friendly and was telling us that most of her customers are in fact Irish.

Just thought I'd pass this on for anyone who may be interested in some polish bunsm cakes etc or for those who have a polish partner and wanted to point them in the direction of a good bakery.

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