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BlitzKrieg said:

no pms yet on the forum requests, though the bearded wonder from last night was very convincing

Great boardscast guys, I couldn't stop laughing at the Dudess impression! ROFL!

takola Registered User

Was good fun Guys. LOL @ 6th!

Poor wilburt seems to be getting the piss ripped out of him left, right and centre!

Loved the dudess impression!


i will survive...

takola Registered User

I won't if I have to listen to that song again!


I'm genuinely afraid to listen to it. What do I say? And who does me?

tribulus Registered User

It's in a similiar vein to this Dudess

Agent Smith Did you enjoy the fuhrer's birthday?

who doesnt!

monkeyfudge i think

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Zaph Millionaire Oppressor

Entertaining as always guys, the Dudess impersonation was definitely the highlight.

monkeyfudge Registered User

Bard balanced out the audio levels for me. So the new file is up now in place of the old one.

Bard Registered User

Yip yip... now we can all be heard clearly and not just the monkey fellow

That went well!

Rb Banned

Roffle at MFs impression of Dudess

Great job again lads.


That sounds like me all right - spot on

I'm actually Laura Appleby.

Rb Banned

Dudess said:
That sounds like me all right - spot on

I'm actually Laura Appleby.

You should go on the podcast imo. Would also like to see Jigsaw interrogated on it, that could be entertaining.

Oh and btw, does it only count towards the itunes chart if you play it through itunes? Or does it count all downloads?

Edit: Just had a thought, get Rozie on perhaps? Could be the best interview evar!

AlmightyCushion Moderator

I think it's only if you download it via iTunes. Pity as I don't use iTunes.

monkeyfudge Registered User

Yes. iTunes only counts iTunes downloads for it's chart.

This is the amount of downloads we've had off the RSS feed. I'd assume that iTunes makes up the bulk of this:

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