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Ric Flair
The Fabulous Freebirds
Dusty Rhodes
Superstar Billy Graham
Jesse Ventura
Jerry Lynn
Juventud Guerrera
Christy Hemme
Joey Mercury

World Heaveyweight title
World Tag Team titles
Cruiserweight title

Possible TV match-ups in the weeks leading up to the PPV:
Ric Flair vs. Dusty Rhodes (Non-title match)
Ric Flair & Demolition vs. Dusty Rhodes & The Fabulous Freebirds
Terry Gordy w/ Michael Hayes vs. Ax w/ Smash
Michael Hayes w/ Terry Gordy vs. Smash w/ Ax
Juventud Guerrera vs. Jerry Lynn
Jerry Lynn vs. Joey Mercury w/ Christy Hemme
Juventud Guerrera vs. Joey Mercury & Christy Hemme
Billy Graham & Demolition vs. Jesse Ventura & The Fabulous Freebirds
Ric Flair & Billy Graham vs. Dusty Rhodes & Jesse Venura

PPV Matches:

Three-way, No DQ: Cruiserweight title match
Jerry Lynn (c) vs. Juventud Guerrera vs. Joey Mercury w/ Christy Hemme


Jerry Lynn puts his Cruiserweight title on the line when he faces Juventud Guerrera and Joey Mercury. These three competitors know each other oh too well having all been involved in some memorable matches over the past few years. But now these three men compete in a three-way, no DQ match for the Cruiserweight title, for the first time ever. Can Jerry Lynn come out of this match with the Cruiserweight title intact or will we see a new champion of Guerrera or Mercury?

Tag team championship match:
Demolition (c) vs. The Fabulous Freebirds

Tag team champions Demolition take on the team of Michael Hayes & Terry Gordy better known as The Fabulous Freebirds in a match for the tag team titles. After months of speculation this match finally gets the go ahead. It all started when an altercation broke out backstage between Hayes of the Fabulous Freebirds and Smash of Demolition. The two teams have fought in single matches as well as non-title matches but at the upcoming PPV, Demolition with put their tag titles on the line for the first time against Hayes and Gordy. Who will leave the match at the World Tag Team champions, tune in to find out.

Superstar Billy Graham vs. Jesse ’The Body’ Ventura

It is a known fact that Jesse ‘The Body’ Ventura modelled his wrestling persona on Superstar Billy Graham. Now it’s a case of original vs. copy as Graham and Ventura face off in a match to determine who really is the most flamboyant wrestler. Who will have to sacrifice the lifeblood of being an in-ring superstar - their image. The careers of these competitors are on the line, but who will be victorious?

World title match:
Ric Flair (c) vs. Dusty Rhodes

Dusty Rhodes challenged Champion, Ric Flair, to this match after Dusty turned his back on his former friend & tag partner just three months ago after Flair had won the World title. Flair and Rhodes had been the top team in the business, having won tag team champions three times and holding onto them for eight months in their last reign, only for Dusty to cut all ties with Flair as he believed he was holding him back in his career. The two legends of wrestling battle it out in a match for the World title at the upcoming PPV, which is sure to keep you on the edge of your seats.

As well as being Joey Mercury’s valet and competing in few wrestling matches, Christy Hemme conducts interviews backstage. Expect to see Christy interviewing most of the competitors before they enter the ring in what should be a night of great match-ups.


-Big draw for the likes of Flair & Rhodes
-Good number of cruiserweights on the roster
-Promos- Flair, Rhodes, Graham and Ventura all of which have been known to cut great promos
-Good enough mixture of faces and heels


-Lack of females on the roster. If I had more picks I would have certainly added another female to build a women’s division.


A roster that has a mixture of big names and cruiserweights, big talkers, big teams and spectacular matches. It mixes some of the greats of yesteryear and well known names around today. Never before has a PPV brought these superstars together under the same roof. Much in on stake, from titles to gimmicks, from pride to respect. All in all it is sure to be an entertaining show.

Thanks MNG

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MY Roster
The Road Warriors
Rey Mysterio
Booker T
William Regal
Fabulous Moolah
Marty Jannetty
Chavo Guerrero Jr
Mark Henry
Chris Masters
Renee Dupree & Kenzo Suzuki

Dont have the patience to do a big write up so this will be the shortest in the whole comp..

PPV..All Ireland Champs...
World Heayweight Championship:Booker T
World Tag Team Titles:Road Warriors
Cruiserweight Title:Chavo Guerrero

Match 1...Rey Mysterio vs Chavo Guerrero(c) for the CW title in a Falls Count Anywhere match...This could be the show stealer with 2 of the best all round wrestlers on the roster.It is better with Mysterio chasing for the title because it will be a dream come true when he wins........

Match 2...William Regal vs Marty Jannetty...This will be a good match.......

Match 3...Chris Masters vs Fabulous Moolah...Masterlock challenge...Moolah says she can get out of the masterlock...Can She??

Co Main Event: Road Warriors (c) vs René Dupree and Kenzo Suzuki..Most over tag champs ever vs too hugely over heels...

Co Main Event :Booker T(c) vs Mark Henry in a Hair vs Hair Title match..Booker doesnt want to lose his title but most inportantly wants to keep his hair...Henry won an over the top rope challenge to get this match...

Well there ye go folks..Worst PPV ever haha

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Andre the Giant
Bill Goldberg
Ravishing Rick Rude
Tito Santana & Rick Martel
Mr Wonderful Paul Orndorff
The Wild Samoans
Mil Mascaras
Low Ki
(Invalid img)Essa Rios

World Heavyweight Title
Tag Team Titles

The Breakdown
As we all know, a lot of the game had to do with luck, and where you placed in the draw each round, especially in the early stages. I tended to end up around the half-way point a lot, which worked out well.
I’m not generally a fan of big man wrestling, but my first pick, was of course, Andre the Giant. The reason being, Andre was an ENORMOUS draw in his prime, around the world, and capable of doing things one attributed to wrestlers half his size. He was one of the biggest legitimate stars left to choose (I balked at Hogan admittedly), and I felt this was more important than great technical skill for my first pick. That, I more than made up for with later picks, Rick Rude, and the tag team, Strike Force. Rude however, was a big choice, not just because of his fabulous ability, but because he was a legitmate main eventer, and one of the few heels who would be able to carry the big men on my roster, to credible main events. Speaking of big men, Goldberg, In his prime, was a massive, massive star, and a natural babyface leader for this roster.
The top faces on the roster, would be Mr Wonderful, and Bill Goldberg, with their opposite rivals, being Rick Rude, and Andre the Giant. I’d initially kick off the weekly show with Rick Rude as the top heel, clamouring and campaigning that he be announced the World Heavyweight Champion. Paul Orndorff, who I would book with nods to Hogan (Orndorff himself was noted as a fabulous babyface, second to Hogan at one point), would have a clear problem with this, leading to the booking of a World Heavyweight title match at the inaugural PPV to crown my first World champion. Rude would manipulate Andre the Giant into forming an allegiance. Backed into a corner, Orndorff would introduce his partner and secret weapon- Bill Goldberg.
Meanwhile, the tag team scene would see the Wild Samoans be crowned tag team champions, and develop a bizarre infatuation for Strike Force’s manager, Miss Elizabeth. This feud would occupy an enormous amount of tv time.
Essa Rios, jealous on hearing that Mil Mascaras, the International Movie star, would be arriving in the company, would challenge him to a match upon his arrival.


Three Way Dance
Low Ki vs. Essa Rios vs. Mil Mascaras
This is an obvious means to start out my card on a high note, and also a preview of what I would envision to be the basis of an X-Division type mid-card strap (though it wouldn’t be introduced at this point). Mascaras has great value on the roster in general being a mega star with a huge following, and would blend well in a feud with Rios- a great hand when it comes to high-flying. Low Ki’s involvement would be as a proud newcomer, a guy determined to prove that his new-fangled, fast-paced style would be redundant. This feud could go on for some time, and incorporate other stars.

Manager vs. Tag Titles
Tag Team Title Match
Strike Force (Tito Santana & Rick Martel) vs. The Wild Samoans©
This would be a key on-going rivalry within the TV, and PPV’s. In the first couple of week’s shows, there would be a four-team tournaemnt to establish the inaugural tag team champions. The vile, Wild Samoans would win this with their violent ways. Meanwhile The babyfaces would see Miss Elizabeth manage them. However, over the weeks, we’d see the Wild Samoans get the better of the young tag team, until this match would be made for the PPV. The belts for the manager. Of course, the Champs would retain, and Elizabeth would be forced to manage the savages! This is a feud that would have great mileage, and would eventually, down the line, see Santana and Martel raise the titles in a Brutal No Disqualification outing.

World Heavyweight Title
“Ravishing” Rick Rude vs. “Mr Wonderful” Paul Orndorff
These two could have a great, slow-building mat contest, with Orndorff’s power against Rude’s cunning. Orndorff would garner great sympathy going into this, and the heat would be off the charts. Because Rude is so damn good as a heel. Tainted win for Rude.

Main Event
Bill Goldberg vs. Andre the Giant
This would have to be the main event just due to the enormity of the occasion. A true dream match, this would be my Hogan/Andre, for a generation who love Goldberg because of his no-nonsense, straight-forward attitude. Goldberg would of course, pick up the win, and the Giant would shake his hand, leading to tension with Rick Rude.

Long Term
Eventaully, Andre, and Orndorff would switch places on the heel/face divide. Rude would hold the strap for a long time, while dodging Bill Goldberg, the guy who would eventually relieve him. As a heel, Orndorff would eventually end up teaming with his old enemy Rude, perhaps for a run with the tag titles. Rios and Mascaras could do a mentor/student gimmick, with Rios turning on Mascaras (way down the line), and allying himself with Low Ki. The Wild Samoans would be a permanent, versatile facet in the tag division, while perennial challengers/Champions Martel and Santana, would break up after a couple of years, feuding just under the main event, with Elizabeth torn in the middle.

-Variety of styles
We’ve got something for everyone- technical prowess, top-drawer characters, hardcore brawling, big man showmanship, Lucha, and cutting edge modernism.
-Legit drawing power
On this roster, I have one of, if not the, most famous Luchadors of all time. Plus, Andre, one of the biggest international draws of all time, and a world-famous mainstream star. Goldberg is WCW’s biggest creation from the most successful period in recent pro-wrestling history, and the guy most commonly associated with cross-promotion dream match appeal.
-Main Stream success
Andre, Mascaras, and Bill were all Television and movie stars at points of their careers.
-Multicultural appeal
Andre, Mascaras, Rios, Samoans, Santana… need I say more! A bunch of great, distinctive characters, without necessarily needing to be overly simplified or cartonnish. My Overall Roster may not be full of the best promo guys, but I do have a lot of dudes who can be written around their weaknesses very easily.

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I liked Bounty Hunter's two PPV layout so I'm going to copy that but since it's my promotion I'm changing the calender so King of the Ring precedes Wrestlemania instead of the Royal Rumble and there is no No Way Out

1.Randy Savage
2.Bruno Sammartino
3.Scott Steiner
4.Rick Steiner
5.Sycho Sid
6.Pat Patterson
8.Gail Kim
9.Christopher Daniels
10.Monty Brown
11.Elijah Burke
12.Dan Severn

WWWF Championship: Bruno Sammartino
Intercontinental Championship: Scott Steiner
Woman's Championship: Gail Kim

King of the Ring: Toronto Canada

King of the Ring tournament where the winner gets a Championship shot at Wrestlemania

Randy Savage
vs. ---------Randy Savage
Pat Patterson

-------------------------------------vs. ----------Randy Savage

Christopher Daniels------Dan Severn
??? (Dan Severn) vs.
-----------------------------------------------------King of the Ring:

-----------------------------------------------------------Randy Savage

Rick Steiner
vs.----------------------Rick Steiner
Monty Brown
--------------------vs.------------------ ------------Scott Steiner

Scott Steiner
vs.-----------------------Scott Steiner
Elijah Burke

EDIT: I'm having alot of trouble getting the KOTR format to look like it does in the advanced posting section because Boards automatically deletes extra spaces do if people are unclear. Semi Finals are Savage vs. Severn with Savage winning and Scott vs. Rick with Scott winning. Savage then defeats Steiner in the final

Open challenge for the women's championship
Gail Kim retains over Chyna
WWWF Championship match
Bruno Sammartino retains over Sycho Sid in a cage match.

During the King of the Ring tournament, Dan Severn is debuted much to Chyna's annoyance as she feels that once again, her title ambitions are being hampered because she's a woman. She then breaks her "gentlemans" agreement to not compete for the womens belt by answering Gail Kim's open challenge and completes a heel turn by striking her with a chair before the bell rang. However, Gail Kim scores a roll up victory after Chyna shows off too much.

Bruno defeats Sycho Sid to end his streak of wins and escape the cage but after the match, Sid throws him back in and presumes to do a beat down giving him a Chokeslam until Savage comes in for the save. The PPV closes with a handshake between Savage and Sammartino in the ring as the cage is raised.

Wrestlemania: Madison Square Garden

Main Event: Bruno Sammartino vs. Macho King Randy Savage

Can Randy Savage end Bruno's 8 year reign in his own backgarden or will Bruno overcome the odds once again to regain. Although this is booked as a face vs. face match it is likely that the crowd will turn on Savage due to it being New York and Bruno

Women's Championship: Gail Kim(c) vs. Chyna in a Ladder match

Can Gail Kim overcome the odds again against the utterly dominant Chyna or will Chyna finally gain her first woman's title. Will the stipulation of a ladder match even the playing field for the agile Kim

Intercontinental Championship: Scott Steiner with Rick vs. Pat Patterson.
If Patterson loses then he must retire

Can Pat Patterson, in the twilight of his career, reclaim the title that he created or will Steiner reign supreme and end the career of one of the old wrestlers who he despises so much.

Dan Severn vs. Sycho Sid in a Last Man Standing match

Can the legitate real world fighter tame the undominable Sid or will Sid continue his destruction of the whole roster in a bid to climb his way back up to the peak and challenge for the championship

Monty Brown vs. Elijah Burke vs. Christopher Daniels

A standard fast paced opening match. Was going to be an ultimate X match for an Intercontinental shot but then I realised that there's no way that all of that would have fitted into an hour.

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My roster is made up mostly of attitude era and beyond attitude era superstars. So here goes my roster as it stands is,

The Rock
AJ Styles
Tyson Tomko
Kai En Tai
Paul Heyman
Samoa Joe
Rocky Johnson & Tony Atlas

My Roster is going to start off with

World HeavyWeight Champion - Edge
Intercontinental Champion- Samoa Joe

Paul Heyman is the GM and he’s using Tony Atlas and Rocky Johnson as enforcers.

Kai En Tai are comedic relief during the show much like they were when they were in the WWF.

Sunny is currently managing Samoa Joe and has been regularly teaming with Tomko.

The Heavyweight title is in the hands of Edge who defeated the Rock at the previous pay per view. Rock was taken away injured and is expected to be out for a number of weeks. AJ and Christian are currently feuding for the Number one Contender spot.

I’m going to start off with it being an edition of Monday Night Raw two months before the Pay Per View. (The Night after the Royal Rumble)
First the result of the royal rumble is in dispute as for the first time ever the Royal Rumble match has been a draw. Christian and AJ are in the ring each moaning about that they should be the one.

Paul Heyman comes out and makes a match for later on tonight of Christian and AJ for the number one contendership.

Also tonight is Tony Atlas & Rocky Johnson vs. Tomko & Joe.

Tomko kicks and puts a “Beat Down” on Joe just after Joe makes Tony Atlas tap. Tomko also leaves with Sunny.

The main event AJ vs Christian is declared a no contest after both wrestlers continually ignore the Ref.

Thats the week where two of my feuds start for the Pay Per View.
The first is
Tomko Vs. Joe
For the Intercontinental Title and Sunny’s managerial services.
This feud develops with Joe trying to “rescue” Sunny from Tomko. Sunny plays the part of the kidnapped girl with everyone believing that Tomko is holding Sunny hostage.

The Other is AJ vs Christian in a ladder match with the winner getting a shot at the title AFTER Wresltemania. Feud develops out of each superstars desire for the title shot, and trying to gain a mental and physical edge over the other. This one will be relatively lacking on story telling and promos and being more action/match orientated.

The Monday Night RAW two weeks after Edge defeated the Rock for the title. Edge is out gloating that he will be having great fun at Wrestlemania since he has no opponent.
But wait!
The Arena goes dark and

The Rock makes his return and cuts a promo on edge about how he took him out and badly injured his knee. Edge gloats about how he isn’t cleared to wrestle. Rock informs the audience that yes Edge is correct he isn’t cleared to wrestle. BUT there is an up coming event in Houston Texas that he will be cleared.

And exits with the Lines
In Houston, You will go one on one with the Great One!, and at Wrestlemania The Rock will take you down Know Your Role Boulevard which is on the corner of Jabroni Drive and check you directly into the Smackdown Hotel!


Up till Wrestlemania Rock has a backstage/promo role as well as getting involved in Edges matches.

So My card for Wrestlemania is

Joe Vs. Tomko For IC title and Sunny as manager.
Tomko wins with a small assist from Sunny. Sunny distracts Joe before he can get the cover giving Tomko time to recover and hit the Big Boot/Big Kick thing he does.

Ladder Match for No.1 Contender A.J Styles Vs. Christian
Christian wins and gets number one contender slot. He wins clean. After the match Heyman and his cronies come down and attack Christian AJ helps them and aligns himself with Heyman. For some comedic relief Kai En Tai come out and try to help Christian.

World Heavyweight Championship Edge Vs. The Rock
Edge focuses on The Rocks previously injured knee Rock battles back but misses a flying clothesline. Edge retains and goes on to set up Brother Vs. Brother at the next PPV. Rock is stretchered off holding his knee.

People might be curious as to why I don’t have the rock as my Champion or in the main event picture with Edge. I don’t have him in the picture because I feel that I can use him to get a great Wrestlemania lead up and Main event with a great buy rate, given the history that has been built up from before the Royal Rumble and with it featuring the Rocks first match since the rumble.

It also sets up a nice summer long feud between Edge and Christian. Both are good on the mic and in the ring. AJ’s reason for aligning with Heyman is revealed from a backstage clip from Wrestlemania, just before the ladder match Heyman asks for AJ’s help in getting rid of Tomko, should AJ lose the ladder match he will get an IC title shot.

Also this sets up another great return for the Rock at Summerslam and sets up a grudge feud with Edge. Which the title may or may not be involved in.

Sorry for the Lack of pics but I'm a bit worse for wear this morning and just couldn't be arsed

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Kurt Angle
HeavyWeight Champion. The Olympic Gold Medalist will be a strong fan favorite in my organisation.Willing to take on all comers he is currently in a fued with with JBL, the pay off of which is a last man standing match at my PPV. He was attacked by former ally Ken Shamrock at the end of the penultimate weekly show. The ankle lock applied by shamrock leaves a lot of question marks over Kurts condition going into the biggest match of his life.

The number one contender. He won his ranking in an elimination tournament beating Owen Hart and then 2 Cold Scorpio thanks to, then surprising, outside interference from Ken Shamrock. Has taunted the champion for the past weeks, saying that while JBL is successful in whatever he does be it business,football,sports jounalism and wrestling, Kurt only has wrestling because he has failed at everything else. Now JBL wants to show him that he that he is a failure in that too because he will always be second to him. He recently formed an alliance with Ken Shamrock.

Scott Hall.
The Intercontinental Champion. Romantically linked to Mickie James. Defending his title in a 3 way ladder match against Jeff Jarrett and Owen Hart. He has recently had issues with Jerry Crusher Blackwell who seems to have taken a shine to his lady friend James.

Owen Hart.
Regularly teams with Jeff Jarret. Both men have agreed do what they can to acheive singles gold but will not allow it to get personal. Despite his occasional rule breaking and his constant berating of them, the fans seem to be behind Hart. His partner Jarret is not overly pleased about this. He is also not overly pleased that Hart was added to what was originally a one on one Intercontinental title match.

Jeff Jarrett
Was due to take on Hall in a one on one title match. However when he was joined in beating down Hall after one of his matches by Owen Hart, Hart was added to the match and a ladder stipulation added. He may be jealous of his partners growing popularity.

Ken Shamrock
Recently formed an alliance with JBL. He had formlerly been a friend of Angle but feels he was never given the full support of the champion because he feared him. Was eliminated from the number 1 contender tournament by 2 Cold Scorpio which he did not take very well. He interfered in Scorpios final round Match causing him to lose and both men have gotten involved in others business ever since.

2 Cold Scorpio.
Fueding with Ken Shamrock after both men eliminated each other from the Number1 contender tournament. Scorpio will have to call on his experience garnered all over the world in order to compete with the former ultimate fighting champion.

Freddie Blassie
Recently given a two year suspension from wrestling due a barrage of vicious tactics and assaults leaving many opponents hospitalised and one in a coma. While he is suspended he has promised to take Jerry Crusher Blackwell under his wing and make him an unstoppable champion.

Jerry Crusher Blackwell
A monster of a man. Since being guided by Blassie his mean streak has taken a turn for the worse and seen him destroy many an opponent, including hospitalising The Hurricane. He has also developed an unhealthy obsession with Mickie James.

The Hurricane & Rosey
The Hurrican has been out of action for the last 3 weeks after a been on the recieving end of a vicious beating from Blackwell. He was left alone after Blassie had taken out his partner Rosey backstage with a devastating sledgehammer attack.

Mickie James
The corporate spokesperson. James is the public face of the company and the person who inform the wrestlers of their matches. Her position and her relationship with Intercontinental champion Hall means she needs to be able to defend herself. However even this fiesty females wrestling skill haven't been able to help her ward of the attention of Jerry Crusher Blackwell.


Match 1
Ken Shamrock Vs 2 Cold Scorpio

An intense technical match to start off with. Scorpio will need to use his speed agility and all the toughness he picked up on the road in Mexico and Japan to hang with Shamrock's legit fighting style.

Match 2
Jerry Crusher Blackwell vs The Hurricane and Rosey in a no DQ handicap match. Mickie James is special guest referee

While the stipulation appears to favor the superheroes, the no DQ means that Blackwell's manager has carte blance to interfere in the sadistic manner only Blassie can bring. However with James as ref how will this effect The Crushers concentration

Match 3
Ladder Match for the Intercontinental championship
Scott Hall vs Owen Hart vs Jeff Jarrett

Scott Hall-one of the innovators of the ladder match.
Jeff Jarrett- King of the Mountain winner
Owen Hart- member of the legendary Hart family.

Can the team mates get along. Will Hall be able to survive if they do?

Match 4
Heavyweight Championship
Last Man Standing

Kurt Angle vs JBL

JBL promised Angle would not walk in or out of the PPV as champion. The unexpected attack by Ken Shamrock ensured the champ had difficulties walking in, will JBL follow up on the rest of his promise and take away the title that means so much to Angle.


Ted Dibiase
World Champion. Won the title after bribing the referee in his match against Ricky Steamboat. Has refused to grant a rematch.

Ricky Steamboat
Former champion and hot on the heels of DiBiase. Had to win a 16 man tournament (in which DiBiases minions tried to screw him over and again) in order to guarantee himself a shot at what he still deems the championship he never lost.

Matt Hardy & MVP

Just lost the tag team titles to The Pitbulls after their egos got the better of them. This led to a post match fight between the two in which Bam Bam came to the aid of Hardy, and Harley Race to the aide of MVP. Race beats down Hardy heavily, while Bam Bam stomps MVP into next week.

Harley Race
After his beatdown of Pure Wrestling Champ Matt Hardy, Race wants gold, and goes into a program with Hardy. This is a technical affair far from its violent outset. However, neither man can get the decisive decision in a number of matches be it double count outs, count downs, or simple time limit draws.

Bam Bam Bigelow
Unlike Hardy/Race, Bam Bam and MVP are involved in a bitter hardcore feud. The most surprising thing here is how well MVP copes with his veteran nemesis. The cocky MVP raises the stakes every week, so much so Bam Bam demands a first blood match at the upcoming PPV.

Jamie Noble & Kid Kash
Having won their first gold, the new champions are reluctant to face anyone of any consequence, mostly taking on jobber meat from the developmental territories.

Shane Douglas
Having come out on the short end of a feud with Bam Bam, Douglas feels he needs some back up, so he recruits the Tag Champs The Pitbulls, to reform his erstwhile ECW faction The Triple Threat. Douglas has been known not to be very trustworthy, but will offer his help to whomever he feels will take it. Has his eyes set on DiBiase, and will help him where ever needed to retain his title, figuring that the money is where the champ is, and no one has more money than The Million Dollar Man.

Having recently been re hired by the company, Goldust wishes to try and escape his role as a comedy guy and establish himself as a legitimate mid card contender again. Things don’t go all his own way, mostly because of…………………

Colt Cabana
Recently brought up from the developmentals, this young man sees Goldust as his ideal foil. Cabana sees Goldust as his route to championship gold. He first bumps into Goldy ina backstage segment where each try and out wit each other. Cabana eventually persuades Goldust to tag with him, to go in pursuit of the cowardly current tag champs.

Torrie Wilson
The manipulative beauty curried the favour of DiBiase amny months ago. She now wears the best of clothes and the most expensive of jewelry. She has more than one use to DiBiase as she is forever distracting his opponents with her suggestive stances outside the ring. DiBiase holds her in as high regard as his belt. Can he trust her totally though, or is she just in it for as long as he is champion?

Pride Honour Enigmatic Wrestling

Tag Title Championship Match

& (Invalid img) Vs &

The Pitbulls Vs Gold Cabana

Pure Title Match

Matt Hardy Vs Harley Race

First Blood Match

Bam Bam Bigelow Vs MVP

PHEW BIG GOLD World Title Match
With Vs

Ted "Million Dollar Man" DiBiase w Torrie Wilson Vs Ricky "Dragon" Steamboat

After distraction from the injured Shane Douglas, The Pitbulls steal a win over the comedic duo of GoldCabana. Colt snaps after this and shows his other persona, a wild street fighting lunatic and destroys Goldust.

In what people would talk of a Match of The Year Contender, Harley Race needed to use all his veteran skills to finally overcome Hardy after an epic 45 minute match. Race was quite magnanimous in his victory, offering Hardy his hand in a show of respect, in which Hardy was humbled to oblige.

Despite being many peoples underdog, MVP steps up levels people did not realise he had to beat Bam Bam in the First Blood match. A new star is well and truly born.

After Torrie Wilson tries to distract Steamboat in the title match by flashing him, it has the opposite effect. Rather than being distracted, it gives him a new lease of life. DiBiase can't believe that Torrie would be so stupid and turns his back on Steamboat momentarily, but its enough time for Steamboat to schoolboy him for the 3 count to regain his title. As Steamboat celebrates in the ring, a still bloodied MVP stands at the top of the ramp signaling his intent that he is after the BIG GOLD.

What does the future hold?
MVPs statement of intent leaves nobody unaware of the fact he is after Steamboat. It has wrestling fans excited, as there are no better two in the business. The Pitbulls hold their titles with the continued help of Shane Douglas. Matt Hardy does not quite approve of Douglas' continued abuse of his so called injury and eventually will challenge The Triple Threat to a handicap Tag Title match with new ally Harley Race. DiBiase for his part goes about recruiting the humbled Bigelow as a bodyguard of sorts. Bam Bam does not take to kindly to Dibiases offer, leading to a feud between the two. Colt Cabana and Goldust go in a very odd feud. Goldy tries to win back his old mate using his comedy tactics, but the newly turned Cabana wants nothing more to do with Dust, as he felt that he held him back. This despite Cabanas original wishes to team with The Bizaare one. Torrie Wilson for her part makes continued overtures to Steamboat, only to be rebuffed time and again. Will she continue, or will she cozy up to the number one contender, MVP, who will do anything for an advantage?



Mick Foley
Lance Storm
Vince Mc Mahon
Brian Pillman
Dean Malenko & Perry Saturn
Bob Holly & X-Pac
Sensational Sherri
D-Lo Brown
Brooklyn Brawler

Ok, to start off I'mm gonna split up both of my tag teams and form the tag teams of Dean Malenko & Lance Storm and the team of Brian Pillman and X-Pac, which leaves Bob Holly & Perry Saturn free as singles competitors.

Reigning champion: Mick Foley - the lovable face champion who will never back down and always gets up, currently in a feud with Vince Mc Mahon

Vince Mc Mahon - power hungry heel & GM of Raw, currently in a feud with Mick Foley over World Heavyweight Championship

Reigning champions: Lance Storm & Dean Malenko - technical and serious with stoic facades, they prefer to let their wrestling do the talking, currently in a feud with The New Men

The New Men - Brian Pillman & Sean Waltman - brash & cocky heels (both are being used in their jeans and leather jackets fazes) currently in a feud with Storm & Malenko for World Tag Team Titles

Reigning champion: D-Lo Brown - good natured face champion

Bob Holly - tweener with no alliences, hard hitter who only cares about getting the job done

Perry Saturn with Sensational Sherri - heel with manager, trying to cheat their way to the title

Eugene - kiddies favourite face simpleton

Brooklyn Brawler - heel


Show opens with Dude Love (mick Foleys incarnation when he won the title) doing a promo. Is interrupted by Vince Mc Mahon who claims that as GM of the show he won't sit back and let a cartoon character be champion and is therefore stripping Foley of his title to give the title to a real man and champion, himself. He also fires Dude Love from the promotion.

First match - D-Lo Brown -vs- Bob Holly for the Intercontinental Title. Back and forth match, Holly build some momentum and is looking like he might win the title until Saturn & Sherri approach the ring. Saturn lays out D-Lo in front of the ref so Holly wins by DQ, he then lays out Holly bafore going on the mic and saying he should be the Intercontintal champion. So we have a retaining champion, a credible contender in Holly and a bit of heel heat for Saturn with all three in the running for the strap.

Eugene -vs- Brooklyn Brawler

Back and forth match, Eugene wins clean with a Rock Bottom. After the match Brawler rips Eugens jacket and teddy to shreds before leaving the ring, Eugene leaves crying

Next The New Men enter the ring and start to call out the Tag Team Champions. They accuse the champions of being boring and out of date and claim they are the future of the tag team division. The champions enter the ring but refuse to get dragged into a war of words with the challengers, saying they will do the talking in the ring if they want a match. Pillman claims to not be fit for action, so the champions say if there is not going to be a match they have nothing left to talk about. As they turn to leave the ring they are jumped by the challengers and both are left unconscious in the ring.

Closing segment is Vince doing a promo. He claims to now be the most powerful man in wrestling as he is now the GM and the World Heavyweight Champion. He calls the entire roster out to the top of the ramp and makes them give him a round of applause to show their respect. Screen fades to black, but briefly shows the outline of a man huddled in the corner of a dark boiler room.


World Heavyweight Championship - Mick Foley returns the next week as Mankind, delivers a promo saying he is a broken man. Himself and Vince have a match, Vince gets himself disqualified. Mankind says Mick Foley will never return to wrrestling. Returns next week as Cactus Jack, saying Mick Foley is dead and only Cactus Jack remains, Vince has created a monster, and challenges Vince to a Last Man Standing match at the upcoming ppv. Vince accepts, on the condition that if he wins, Mick Foley and all of his inmcarnations retire forever.

Intercontinental Championship - Perry Saturn vs D-Lo Brown for the title the following week, match ends as a double DQ after interference from Bob Holly who lays both men out with chairs. Next week, Saturn vs Holly in a no 1 contenders match with D-Lo as ref. Match ends with a double count out, after the match D-lo lays out both men and frog-splashes them both.

Tag Team Championship - Pillman vs Malenko the first week, Pillman wins by holding the tights. Waltman vs Storm the next week, Waltman wins by putting his feet on the ropes. After each match the New Men insult and jeer at the champions in efforts to goad them into a match. Next week a non-title match (the champions refuse to put the titles on the line as they don't feel the challengers have earned a title shot). The New Men win after Waltman distracts the ref and Pillman hits Malenko with a set of brass knuckles fpr the pin. After the match while the challengers are jeering from the ramp the champions take the mike and break their normally stoic characters and shouting that if a title match is the only way for them to get the New Men back in the ring, they have it at the ppv. Title match is confirmed.

Eugene & Brawler - weekly segments of Brawler just bullying Eugene, often involving Eugene crying at the end, until at the last week Eugene hulks up and hits him. Brawler say's he's gonna make him pay at the ppv


Heavyweight Championship Match - Last Man Standing

Vince Mc Mahon (c) -vs- Cactus Jack

Cactus Jack wins

Intercontinental Match - Triple Threat

D-Lo Brown -vs- Bob Holly - Perry Saturn w/ Serri

Perry Saturn wins

Tag Team Championship

Dean Malenko & Lance Storm - vs The New Men

Malenko & Storm win

Eugene -vs- Brooklyn Brawler

Eugene wins

So, that's that then! Cheers MNG for a great way to pass a boring summer and of learning loads about wrestling!

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My Roster

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The Titles

Matches For Great Board Bash

World Tag Team Title Match
London/Kendrick vs Cade/Murdoch(c)

This all started when Cade/Murdoch won the titles last month when they defeated kaz and kofi to become the new tag team champs. Since then they have been walking around saying they have beaten all the tag teams around. This caught the eye of Kendrick and London saying they have never beaten them. This set up a non title match between them which London/Kendrick would win due to a countout when cade and Murdoch walked out. This match was set up for the Great Boards Bash in 3 weeks time. Over the next few weeks things would go against cade/Murdoch when both London and Kendrick would get single victories over the champs. On the last episode they took their anger out on London buy a double conchairto.Will London be 100% , Can cade/Murdoch take advantage of the injured contenders or will the underdogs prevail

Intercontinental Title
Kofi vs Kaz(c)

Once one of the most decorative tag teams of the 21st century until they lost their tag titles to Cade/Murdoch at Boards Slam which would lead to serious conflict. It would come to ahead when in a tournament to become number contender for the wwe title , when kofi would roll up kaz for the 1-2-3 and kofi would advance to the next round against Chris Harris. During the match with harris, kofi was ready to hit “Trouble In Paradise” on Harris but kaz would come out of nowhere to hit Kofi with the “Flux Capacitor” allowing Harris to recuperate and hit a spear for the win. After the match kaz took out a ladder and placed kofi the ladder and hit a springboard leg drop to bust him up. Kaz then took the mic and proclaimed that he is bringing back the Intercontintal championship and is crowning himself the champion. The next week Kofi came out and challenged kaz for a title shot right away but kaz would only accept if he got to choose the type of match . the next week it would be a tag match with kaz/harris vs kofi/hardy with harris picking up the win when kaz would hit kofi in the back with a ladder allowing harris to roll him up for the win. The next week with a ladder set up in the ring and the title hanging from the top, Kaz would then announce that the match between himself and Kofi would be a Ladder match. While kaz was on the ladder kofi would sneak up on kaz and push the ladder over which lead to kofi hitting him with Trouble In Paradise on Kaz and climb up the ladder and capture the ladder to send a message to the champion. Will this be the same sight we see in 3 days time or will the champion retain his newly won championship.

Number 1 Contender Match For The WWE Title
Hardy vs Harris w/Stacy vs Lashley

This began when both Hardy and Harris met in the finals of the number 1 contender title tournament. During the match stacy keibler would distract hardy while he was going to hit the swanton bomb on Harris ,this would let harris hit a superplex on hardy for the 2 count. While both men were trying to make it back on there feet , Bobby Lashleys music hits as he runs down to the ring and destroys both men with spears and powerbombs making a statement on his return after 6 months out due to injury. He said he deserves to be the next contender for the wwe title. Next week it was a handicap match with Hardy teaming up with Harris to take on lashley and if lashley won then the match at the Great Boards Bash would be a triple threat . This match would be won by Lashley after stacy Keibler accidently hit Harris with a chair allowing lashley to hit the spear on Harris for the win. With only days to go will lashley hit the spear again on Harris or Hardy ? Will Hardy or Harris pick up a win on the healthy Lashley and become the new number one contender?

WWE Title Match
Benoit vs Finlay

This will be one hell of a match with 2 veterns going at it for the wwe title. Both technically sound and know how to carry a match. This match was made when Finlay won a battle royal to become the number 1 contender. Both men are equally matched when it comes to this dream match. Although over the weeks of confrontation between both men things have started to become very heated. Each man saying they will walk out of the Bash as the champ. Things finally came to head when both men stood in the ring and had a battle of words which would lead to a exchanging of fists when a brawl would erupt which would lead to a low blow by finlay on benoit and hitting the celtic cross on the title belt leaving Benoit layed out in the middle of the ring. The following week Benoit called out Finlay but to know suprise he never came out but all of a sudden Kaz’s music hits and comes out with the intercontinental title praising finlay for what he did the week before while walking down the aisle into the ring. Just as Kaz got in the ring Benoit quickly locked him in the Crippler Crossface to send a message to Finlay. Then finlays music hits as Benoit lets go of Kaz , but from out of knowhere Finlay comes from behind and nails benoit in the back of the head with a shillelagh and places him in the crossface as we go off air. Will Benoit retain against Finlay and his shillelagh or will the fighting Irish man bring home the gold to Ireland

London/Kendrick win the tag titles.
Hardy wins Number 1 Contender Match
Kofi becomes the new IC Champ
Finlay becomes new WWE Champ after Harris and Kaz get involved.

Possible fueds after PPV:

London/Kendrick and Harris/Kaz
Cade and Murdoch
Hardy and Finlay
Lashley Benoit
Hardy and Benoit
Finlay and Lashley
New Faction: Finlay,Harris,Kaz

Finally Done woooooo.

Once Again Well Done To MNG For The Idea

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Jake Roberts
Ultimate Warrior
Big Show
Bob Backlund
Al Snow
Steve Blackman
Greg Valentine
Brutus Beefcake
Val Venis
Steven Richards

Decision Process
The sole thought going through my head when picking my roster was entertainment value. I wanted people who could make audiences scream and shout, laugh and gasp. TV Wrestling is driven by storylines and characters more than anything else. A clever promotion will choose to push the guy that gets crowds on their feet over guys who can wrestle 60 minute mat-classics. This in no way disregards the entertainment value of the actual wrestling. I am merely approaching the wrestling card in a holistic manner. So I went after wrestlers that can contribute to the storylines I have created for my card.

I don't want to complicate things by bringing in more than one PPV. I prefer a good build up to a match, so a second PPV would just muddy the waters as far as I am concerned. The card will be based on storylines rather than titles. Titles are props that wrestlers use to get over. My card won't need such excuses to fight each other. Plus, a proliferation of titles diminishes the value of the top title. This problem is exacerbated by the fact that we only have a small card.

WWF Heavyweight Championship

The Card

Hardcore Match - Steve Blackman versus Al Snow

This is a match I feel the WWE let get away. After weeks of promos, skits and character gimmicks, The Lethal Weapon has had enough. He turns on Al Snow, giving him a vicious beatdown after claiming that his former partner is embarrassing to be seen with and is holding him back with all his distractions. Snow subsequently tries to repay the favour by interfering in Blackman's matches, but is still visibly weakened. I'd have the two wrestle a singles match on TV which would be a simple brawl which eventually spills outside the ring. Snow would pick up the victory after rolling back into the ring to beat the 10 count. An irate Blackman calls Snow a coward for running away from him and challenges him to a match on PPV, but this time Snow won't be able to hide behind the rules. A Hardcore match plays to both competitor's strengths, and both have plenty of experience in these types of matches that will ensure an innovative encounter. Steve Blackman to get the win.

Match 2:
Bob Backlund versus Val Venis w/Steven Richards and Ivory

This may surprise some people. Backlund was the face of the WWF for five years. He and Warrior are the only two proven marquee attractions on my roster. Surely it would make sense to book my two big-time wrestlers in the main event. But, as I said, my roster is driven by storylines, and I couldn’t think of a reason to have those two face off. Plus, the match would most likely have sucked.

The background to this match is that Steven Richards is on a role. He has allied himself with Ivory in his quest to cleanse the promotion of all its immoral elements, and has recently converted Val Venis to the cause (after a good brainwashing, of course) and is using him as the muscles to back up his and Ivory’s words. But this still isn’t enough for Richards. He extends an invitation to join the fold to the squeaky clean Backlund. Backlund, Richards argues, represents all the same virtues that the Right to Censor are seeking to promote. But Backlund is unsure about the questionable match tactics employed by RTC. In an effort to win him over, RTC interferes in Backlund’s matches and beats down his opponents post-match. Eventually Backlund has had enough and declares that Richards and his cronies are morally bankrupt and challenges their strongman to a match. The fight itself quickly descends into a circus, with Richards and Ivory assisting Venis at every opportunity. Ivory would play a particularly important role, as Backlund can physically fend off Richards but cannot bring himself to strike a lady. The match would end with Venis inadvertently knocking Ivory off the apron and Backlund taking advantage by locking in the Chickenwing for the win.

Match 3:
Hair Match - Greg Valentine versus Brutus ‘The Barber’ Beefcake

The only match on my roster that I’m sure has already taken place, the premise is simple: Brutus Beefcake, in his barber persona, is gunning for the gorgeous golden mullet that rests on Valentine’s head. To spruce up the character a bit, I’d have Brutus show more of an obsession with scalping his opponent, and less of the good natured, cartoonish “struttin’ n’ cuttin’”. He’s more interested in going after the best head of hair than chasing titles, and he has his eyes firmly set on the blonde locks of The Hammer. Brutus has been stalking Valentine backstage and after his matches, and has come close on a number of occasions to obtaining his prize, even managing to nab himself a lock of hair. Each man’s submission finisher would figure prominently in the match, with teases and reversals of both the figure four and the sleeper. I’d have Valentine intentionally disqualify himself after countering the sleeper with a low blow, exiting the arena with his hair intact.

Match 4:
DDP versus Jake Roberts

This match would be the in-ring cornerstone of the PPV. Both men are in their athletic prime. Jake Roberts is of course a master of ring psychology, and has the mic skills to win over or horrify a crowd. DDP is the original Peoples’ Champion, able to get the crowd behind him with his gutsy performances. I’d have DDP portray a somewhat less annoying version of his self-help guru persona. He spends his time trying to spread a positive message about self belief and hard work and all that stuff. Roberts invites him to the Snake Pit, where he goes on one of his brilliant spiels about the nature of evil. DDP tries to get Roberts to look on the bright side, but this only causes Roberts to get more and more resentful. The Snake snaps and lays out Page with a DDT, finishing up by saying “now that was a BAD thing!”

I see this match in terms of dichotomies. DDP is optimistic in nature and is clearly content and happy with his lot. Roberts is dark and melancholic, and his personal problems are well documented. Roberts is a second generation star who got into the business really by default, whereas Dallas became a wrestler later in his life. Roberts was a pioneer of ring psychology and his matches would involve mind games with his opponents and clever strategies, whereas DDP used a more passionate, gutsy style that would make this a perfect match-up that pits head against heart. And yet they are both athletic, well conditioned wrestlers, with some physical similarity in terms of their long limbs. Its almost like a match between two sides of the same coin. DDP to pick up the win after countering an attempted DDT with the Diamond Cutter following a back and forth match featuring a slow, methodical build.

Main Event:
Ultimate Warrior(c) versus The Big Show

My main event pits the Unstoppable Force against the Immovable Object. The storyline would borrow heavily from Hulk/Andre and Lesnar/Big Show. But there is one slight difference. Andre and Show both played the part of the plodding giant whose only asset was a size advantage. In the build up to this match, I would start off by focusing on how the Warrior cannot knock Show off his feet or lift him up, and therefore cannot beat the Big Show. But I’d add another element by having Show demonstrate his boxing prowess, his submission capabilities and his speed, each week introducing the audience to another reason why Warrior cannot beat him. To help build the tension, I’d have the Warrior show hesitation and uncertainty for the first time, up until the week before the PPV when he mans up, cuts one of his unique promos, and generally whips up his fans, finally showing some belief in himself that maybe he can beat the Big Show.

The match itself would begin with Warrior attacking Show right from the outset, eventually knocking him down with a big shoulder tackle. He follows this with a huge slam, but Show kicks out and begins to go on the assault, wearing the Warrior down with his superior fighting technique as well as power moves. But of course the Warrior makes an improbable come back, knocking Show down again and hitting him with a splash for the win. Unlikely to be a pretty match (no match featuring the Ultimate Warrior was ever pretty), but one which would get the kiddies and casual fans interested.

Final Comments
I have to admit I cheated in my choice of tag teams. I never wanted a tag team division, so I went for teams that could work together as opponents.

In terms of future directions, I see a prominant role for RTC, maybe going after Jake Roberts to prevent him from spreading his dark melencholic messages in front of impressionable youths, or Steve Blackman for his use of gratuitous violence. I also like the crazed barber gimmick, and I see the Ultimate Warrior as an obvious next target, or maybe Al Snow after practicing on Head. Backlund, Roberts, Valentine, Big Show and DDP could all offer competitive match ups, and would most likely serve as the backbone of the roster.

In terms of weaknesses, obviously folks can pick up on my lack of titles and divisions. There is a risk things could go stale as fans get tired of seeing singles matches. I am really relying on the strong gimmicks and personas of my roster to keep interest alive.

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