joolsveer Registered User

I have had Sky HD for the last few months. The box has been going on the blink recently - I'm getting the message no satellite signal - and I have been turning off the power and starting up again which fixes things sometimes.

Last night I was trying to watch the Committments and the sound was going off and on. This was on Anytime TV. I switched over to Poseidon and the same thing was happening with the Dolby Digital sound.

How do I do a full reset of the box that will return it to factory settings?

DigiDec Registered User

Press Services 4 0 1 select, don't mind what appears on screen while you are doing it, then press 8 for Full System Reset, let the box do its thing, reboot and switch back on, this will fully reset the hard disk drive and wipe all recordings and future recordings.

You could first try option 7 which is sky+ Planner Rebuild which would probably fix your current problem, note that this does not wipe your recordings or future recordings.

Hope this helps.

joolsveer Registered User

Thanks for the info. I will try option 7 first.

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