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Hi i am just wondering if there is a bus from town (preferably near close to st stephen's green) that goes to Clontarf (preferably close to Dart station or East point). I get the train every day and it's a pain walking to pearse to go 2 stops and paying e2.60 a day. The bus is cheaper as a monthly ticket with the luas.

Please help, Thanks.

Edit: i just seen the 130 and it seems to stop at the dart station but does it really take 20 minutes to get there.... Plus it would take just as long to walk to abbey st as to walk to pearse


Meh. You'd be best getting off in North Strand and walking down beside the river Tolka and turning at the top of Alfie Byrne Road rather than sitting on the bus to Clontarf which stops at the Dart station. A load of buses go through North Strand. All the 31s, 32s, 130 etc. But only from quays and Abbey St. Better off sticking with Dart.

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The 128 comes from Rathmines around Stephen's Green, down Dawson Street and goes up the Malahide Road. It's not a huge walk from the stop before the Malahide Road to the DART station.
128 Timetable

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the 20 b goes from stephens green in the evening or it used to it passes the spar in fairview you could get off at Marino College

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