(F.L.) Anders Registered User

Hey lads just picked up a 200ml can of silicone oil for 99cent in Lidl!

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good find , is it petroleum product free?

kdouglas Registered User

I pick up a can of this every now and again when i'm in, they seem to have a permanent stock of it these days. It seems to be perfectly fine for use, but i still keep a bottle of the good stuff handy aswell.

Mweelrea Registered User

Thanks for the post. I never Knew Lidl sold silicone oil, might pop in tomorro to stock up on it

iceage Registered User

Jeez, at that price you could'nt go wrong guys. as KD says, if you have some of the really good stuff, keep it for special jobs, and use this stuff freely.

bullets Registered User

yeah last time I was in I bought 5 cans of it.
They only do it a few times a year near me so dont have
it in stock all the time. It does the job!


Stercus Accidit Registered User

I have the abbey gun oil and a couple of cans of the lidl stuff.

The lidl oil seems more sticky and viscous, if only slightly, but I've noticed a difference in the two, so I use the abbey oil on more temperamental parts, and the lidl goop (i'm exaggerating ) on seals and generally less important bits.

But I know of plenty off people who use it all the time, exclusively even, so maybe I'm just paranoid about my lidl oil

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