Carroller16 Registered User

Hi yesterday I tried logging in and logged in successfully but it said Hi, Null
(not my username) then anytime I tried to place a bet i'd click on the odds and nothing would happen.

i tried contacting support@paddypower but the problem still isn't fixed yet.

The same thing is happening on my friends comp.

Any suggestions?

BlueMonke Banned

Yea Im having problems to where my computer is freezing and slowing up when I visit there site. Think there is to much code on there site and its freezinf my PC.

dclifford Registered User

I can't place bet with new betslip. It just sits there.
Anyone got the same problem or know how to get around it?

Bluetonic Registered User

Working fine for me, aside from my balance reducing

dclifford Registered User

Apparently there was a new rev of webpage released yesterday morning.
Customer support told me to delete cookies and try again. But no difference. I have missed out on 2 football bets 2 nights in a row now.

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