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ok, i am restarting the thread from here as i intend to put pictures up, and that previous thread is already eight pages long, and waving all over the place regards topic. so fresh start.

Donal (crapbag) is an unusual type who actually does what he says he does. he has gotten the bushcraft club up and running, all above board, insured through the MCI and with land usage permissions from Coilte and everything!! so, all talk, all action. well done Donal.

as stated previously on the other thread, we had our first official CLub outing this weekend (14th-15th june) it was only myself and Donal on this one as Coilte confermation came late and other people couldn't reorginise their weekends to suit. Luke from came out and chatted with us. he had some cool info on foraging, but only stayed a few hours. thanks Luke.

fires were started with good old flint and steel.

fire was mainly to keep the bugs at bay, but also helped out with my tea addiction. without tea, its only survival. with tea, its bushcraft.

it rained a little bit, so we opted to have dinner at my place.

the wood. a bit piny.

a fire is nice in the evening

we harvested birch, thistles, burdock root, new pine leaves (are they called leaves?) and nettles. the nettles were made into cordage, which is quite strong. the core of the stalks or thistle taste like celery. the burdock root is like a fibrous turnip. the new-groth pine leaves have a lemony taste.
the birch bark will be rendered into birch tar glue. amazing stuff. some will also go into our tinder bags. the birch wood itself will be used for carving and tool making. its an amazing wood, but in short supply in crone valley.

here you can see the birch wood, the roles of bark, the cordage made from nettles, and my flint and steel.

Donal with the birch branch

the rest of the pics are viewable on my photobucket account here, and there is also stuff over on my trip blog here

does the above look like your idea of fun? if so, join up. dont think your knowledge is up to the task? dont worry. you will learn as you go along.
dont think you are fit or hard enough? we dont have a "grr manly" attitude to suffering either, so dont worry bout it.


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Thanks for the complements Tim but I cant take all the credit. Some of the board members and the member support officer from the MCI had a big hand in making this happen. I hope that people will get a better feel for what the club wants to achieve by posting here. That way people can tell whether or not the club is for them. We are hoping to attract like minded people to the club with a genuine interest in bushcraft and wish to learn more. The best way to do this is to come to a club meet and find out for yourself

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well, if I can do it, anyone can. I am middle aged, and disabled. And I will certainly be at the next weekend down in Gort. My skills are a bit rusty, but my memory is good, and I am really looking forward to reconnecting to something I used to really enjoy; messing around in the woods.
Thanks for the invite, son.

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Evil Phil Contact Section

Glad this is coming together for you guys. I might even drop along to the next one. Irishlostboy: Where did you get the overhead tarp? I could do with one of those.

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cheers phil. would be cool if you came out on the next trip.
the tarp i am currently using is the current issue brit army tarp. it is designed to double as a 2 man field stretcher as well. if it is strong enough to lug two squaddies, it is strong enough for me lol. i got it off a company called kitmonster in england. i got two of them at the time, as well as my lowe alpine saracen pack. cost a bit, but great kit.
on the inside it has extra tie spaces, so i hang lights and anything i may need to get my hands on from the inside of the ridge. i dont use a ridgline, i just tie with two short pieces of paracord to the trees. the tarp is well strong enough for this. most wouldn't be.

one of the great things about meeting up like this is trying out different types of kit.

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Looks amazing. Where and when is the next meeting taking place?

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Looks good.

I scanned out your photobucket and saw the bow and arrow which looks amazing. Some great insights into the irish bushcraft club. When will you be back in Crone wood and will crone wood be one of the bases?

Good fire technique.

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we will probably be out this weekend; all going well. location, somewhere in wicklow. maybe crone valley. i am sure Donal will send out a mail to everyone on the mailing list as and when we know. if anyone has any preferences of any where/when for a trip, throw out the suggestions.
Donal and myself will be meeting during next week to discuss the way forward for the club. anyone any concerns or interests, thoughts etc on what they want from the bushcraft club, in the near future, throw them up here so we can bash them about.

re; my bow. ya, i just got that a week ago. i REALLY like it. am looking into joining up with an archery club in dub to get some practice in.

re; fire lighting. there are sooo many methods to lighting fires, and there is always more to learn. its what makes it so fun. flint and steel is nice and old school, but still reliable. the key is the tinder. charcloth is wonderful stuff.

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ok, long time-no update. sorry bout that. but things are going well. Donal is back from his trip away, and is already getting on with creating a club site.
the Gort trip this weekend is pretty jammers. we will have a great mix of skills there from total novice to veteran. We have the pleasure of two Bushcraft instructors coming with us this weekend, Anthonio Akkermans of and Aebhric O'Kelly of if you were intending to make it on this trip give me an email to confirm.
meet details look like this.
Meet at the Foxhunter pub on the N4 for 12:00 on Friday 18th
or alternatively if you are making your own way down
Meet in Aldi in Gort at 16:00 on Friday 18th
we will convoy from there, or anyone arriving late can call for directions from there. need my number? PM me.

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Makes interesting reading, good luck to you all with the new club. Looking forward to hearing about the weekend in Gort.

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We had a very successful trip down to Cahersiveen to the IPNA. Aebhric, Anna and Greg were very hospitable and welcomed us with open arms. I personally didnt want to miss a thing so I took the trip after work and 6.30 on Friday just to get down there. Aebhric was good enough to stay up for my arrival. The other two were already set up and by the fire. I ended up setting up in the dark getting eaten my miggies but I guess thats all part of it.

On Saturday morning we decided to help Aebhric set up so of the school area by assisting in putting up the tarp. We felt it only right since he was kind enough to invite us down.

Myself and Ciara had a good chat about the club and its direction. Ciara is a previous member of staff of the MCI and was great with advice and direction.

We also got to see Anna's fantastic Composting toilet, which we dubbed 'The Thrown' given how well put together it was. It almost felt wrong crapping in it.

Greg was a master of the bow drill and was getting embers with barely any effort. He was happy impart his knowledge and experience with us. His quite manner and silence through the forrest was that of a true woodsman.

We did some interesting exercises on sense awareness and movement in the wild. Aebhric and Greg wanted us to tune into the forest and all the sense by which we feel. Indeed it was a very good experience and one which should be practiced by everyone. An emergency fire lighting exercise was great fun and Setenta proved himself as the fire master. We covered some basics of basket making with Anna and some basic plant knowledge. Aebhric, Anna and Greg were all very kind with their knowledge and very interested in what we were doing. The camp fire chats were a great place for exchanging knowledge and ideas.

On Sunday morning we covered tracking with Greg and Aebhric. One of my favourite bushcraft activities I was delighted just to get onto the beach and track birds, dogs and other everyday animals. Its amazing what a few tracks can tell you.

When it came time to leave, I honestly didnt want to go. It felt like we had covered alot in a small space of time. I am very grateful to Aebhric, Anna and Greg and wish them luck with their new school. They are very open minded and honest people. We hope to work with them again soon

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I second that. Thanks again to Aebhric, Anna and Greg. Great hosts and teachers. Best of luck with the school.

I hope Anna wont mind me posting a picture of ''The Throne''. As Crapbag says its a true ''Grand Design'' and a shame to have to use it.

A view from my ''sit spot''

My neighbours at my ''sit spot''

Our camp bird

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Just wanted to say well done to you guys for getting this up and running.

Often people talk about good ideas on internet forums, but you guys have actually went and set up the club, arranged meets... walked the walk, so to speak - just wanted to say well done for this, it's great to see.

It does look like fun too - hopefully I'll have a chance to wander along to a future meeting.

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Hi Guys,

Just thought id update the thread on how our last meeting went. Last weekend (Sept 20th/21st) we headed down again to Cahersiveen to the IPNA for Aerbhics open weekend. He invited the club members again and some locals to see what he was about in his new school. The school is really taking shape and his courses have already kicked off. This weekend we discussed survival and the four essentials of surviving and some of the rules applied to them

We discussed food in its many forms and how to get it. Aebhric showed us his favorite plants for both eating and medicinal purposes.

We were also thought how to make a short term 'Father and Son bow' for hunting at short distance

I had the pleasure of sleeping in a debris hut for the night. It was very comfortable, above its in the early stages of building

We discussed emergencies fires and how to utilise some of the elements of the fire to make tools. Here we are hollowing out wood using embers

Again my sincere thanks to Aebhric and Anna for a fantastic weekend. The hospitality, generosity and honesty makes you feel right at home every visit. I again look forward to going down to Kerry and despite the long haul from Dublin, its worth it.

We plan to have a few of us to go to Wild Live in the North early next month. Anthonio is having a gathering and some of us are hoping to go up there to learn some things. Also it is nice to meet new people who may be interested in the club. For details check out his site

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And are you tent/bivi/hammock ?

I'm planning on going up after work Friday.


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