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I might bring both depending on space in the car. Ill be heading up after college on friday

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We're just back from the weekend in Castleward, Co. Down. Anthonio had a bushcraft gathering for two days where people could come and discuss bushcraft and also practice some skills. I first went to Anthonios course in 2003 for Primitive living 1, so being back in his yurt brought back memories

The weekend was mostly a meet and greet with people form different ends of the country. Some people knew Anthonio through previous courses and others found out through the Web. There was an interesting bunch down there and the conversation constant in out of the rain on Saturday

As a group exercise, Anthonio challenged us to try and make a giant sized bow drill set. It was a good experience and made us think about the basic principles of the set. It was also a good ice breaker

Here myself and Liam discuss the rhythm and how best to start

Unfortunately all we got from the set was alot of smoke but had a good laugh in the effort. On the Saturday evening, Anthonio proposed we do a sweat lodge. It was an interesting experience running half naked in the forest, in the rain to the lodge. Only four of us braved it and we all had a good laugh. In the sweat lodge itself, it was a world onto itself and I think everyone should try it at least once

We got to see some of the crafts made by Anthonio and take a look around the fabulous estate of Castleward. Many thanks to Anthonio for the weekend, it was good to meet up and work with him again

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looks like fun was had. shame i missed it. i really need to get out more.

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Heard about the giant bowdrill over on bcuk. Looks like a great weekend. Weather looked a bit iffy though. Cold in the hammocks I'd say.....

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We were sensible and took the tent. No sign of Loz though, wonder what happened. It was a good weekend. It was good to meet people practicing in different areas.

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Loz posted over on bcuk that he would not be able to make it. Something must have come up.

We should try and get out again before christmas though. I am up the walls with work for the next while but I would be on for a wkd away if something was happening.

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irishlostboy said:
looks like fun was had. shame i missed it. i really need to get out more.

Dont worry Tim ill be dragging you out soon again :-) My course is now back in full swing so I havent had a days rest since the start of September but myself and Sean have some projects lined up. We have a trapping test lined up for his farm. Robert gave us some good ideas for tanning hides so thats our next experiment. Im currently assembling different bow drill sets to test woods. Its hard to get time but there is currently wood and tools all over my apartment floor

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Crapbag said:
Its hard to get time but there is currently wood and tools all over my apartment floor

i am the same. bits of wood everywhere. i have a bit of ceder i am using for a baseboard for drill seems good. have some good willow for the drill. need better cord than paracord though.
i will be building a frame for a deerhide soon. my sister and her boyfriend are back, so they will surely be slaughtering the poor countryside soon enough. so skins galore.
getting into doing a bit of airsoft at the mo. bit of fun. in forests, only shooting people. lol. should help keep me in trim for the winter.

will be setting up an archery range at my sisters place in sligo soon. they have the land. did a fair bit of archery in france.

bow was only 20 lbs draw though. good cos i could shoot it all day, but not meaty enough.

for the laugh i made my own arrow. leaves for the fletching. worked fine actually.

some other pics of france

ya, cannot wait to get out for a weekend again. i think the weekend of the 17th-19th is out for me, but good apart from that i think. thinking of doing a walk in sligo. my usual bushcraft one. want to do it before winter sets in and the route becomes impassable.

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Generally id use a 28 lbs bow in work. Does the job. Nice work on the fletches there. Our father son bow wasnt quite as effective.

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On a recent sailing trip to Collanmore Island I was asked to introduce some bushcraft skills to people doing a sailing course. So I set a basic scenario for them to work with. I told them that they had just had swam from a sinking vessel to the island. They were wet and cold and only 10 minutes to light a fire to prevent hypothermia. They had only 10 dry matches and whatever they had on them at the time. The aim of the exercise was to get people thinking and have fun,rather then trying to teach them a specific lesson.

People gathered all kinds of materials to burn.

Out of all the groups of people who tried to light their fires. Only one group managed to get it going with lots of persistance and a lighter which one of them had.

Other groups didnt have as much luck

The great thing about an exercise like this is that you dont have to be an expert to organise it. I gave the group a scenario, they tried to complete a task and they learned the lessons for themselves. Most important of all, they had a bit of fun trying it!

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nice work there with that group. self direction and creative freedom is great to give a group if they can handle it.

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Ah mad! I just came on here to tell everyone about these two lads who I did a couple of hours of bushcraft with at the weekend on Glenans, and wouldn't ya know they're already here. I recognise two of you in the first photos.

Must say, even though we only got to (try to) build fire and find shelter, it was a great experience and really gave me a taste for it. I'd do it every weekend if there was a club here in Galway.

Thanks lads, yer great!

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No problem. It was just a bit of fun for the weekend. It was great to get out with you guys to sail. Im having some back trouble at the moment so I didnt get to chat to everyone and had to disappear early on both nights but still had a good laugh.

As for the club in Galway. This isnt specifically a Dublin or a regional thing. We are hoping to have people from all over get involved. So far ive been in Wicklow, Kerry, Galway and Down this year doing bushcraft stuff. When we are up and running properly, im hoping to we can support people in different areas in the country who wish to practice bushcraft. Right now we are small scale but in time I think we can get more people involved.

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Anywhere I get more info about the bushcraft club, can anyone join? How often are there trips? Thanks.

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#30 is the clubs website. At the moment the club is still getting itself a formal joining process, so check the website for updates

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