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How exciting, I can't wait to hear the heartbeat.

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I'm going public in the Rotunda Grawns and my first appt is not till I am 21 weeks pregnant, so count yourself lucky!! I paid for a private scan in their RCSI unit though and it was brilliant. Well worth the money to know that babs is ok!


Congratulations, Grawns! i hope all goes well for you. Isn't great, as I assume you haven't told anybody but your husband yet - yet you're able to share your lovely news here!
My cousin had her first baby at 42, and will give birth in September to her second girl at the age of 43 (only 3 months off 44!). Both babies are perfect.
What to expect when you're expecting I imagine is very informative, as no matter what problem crops up you will find it discussed in this book and can put your mind at rest or take whatever steps are necessary. I definitely recommend it's follow up "What to expect the first year of life"before baby arrives as it does really put your mind at ease. It was my lifeline!
Good luck on your first appointment.

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Thanks kelle. Have told my parents and his but we all understand itis early days and all. Brings me to a dilemma I will start a new thread on.

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