Anouilh Registered User

Which colours do you find the most pleasing when taking a photo?

I find my preferences seem to change with the seasons and depend on the light levels.

Also, some colours seem more fashionable than others.


I don't think i've got a favourite colour. Mostly I look for how well colours go together. Ie.. Blue & Yellow etc...

Dave OS

amcinroy Registered User

Interesting question,

I've always liked the mystery of the darker shades of blue as night falls and everythings starts to turn black........ black...... black .... BLACK..... BLACK !!

BLACK !!!!!

(kicks tripod into sea)


(jumps into sea )

blaaaaaaaaack !!!

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whyulittle Registered User

So you like nice bright colours then Andy?

amcinroy Registered User


CraggyIslander Registered User

i see a red door and i want to paint it black

ThOnda Registered User

I wanna see it black!!!

In real - yes, black is nice. I like black in my pictures. Or high-key white. Well, shades of gray :-)

melekalikimaka Moderator

purple purple purple

cotton Registered User

Black & Red

Roen Registered User

Green, I love the stuff

ThOnda Registered User

The color blue has a calming effect. It causes the brain to release calming hormones.

elven Registered User

I have a high percentage of lilac shots, when it comes to flowers. But every time i shoot something yellow it seems, when i come to process it i go 'yeuch' and delete it in the end.

kensutz Registered User

Yellow and Green - I wonder why

Borderfox Moderator
TutuKaka Registered User

Green and blue

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