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I'v gone up two dress sizes in past five months. I'm not a great meat eater, spagetti bolonaise with steak mince, not into cold cuts, lately I started making my own canned mixed bean salad with my own dressing of olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Are beans very fattening?

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Beans are not fattening! A serving of beans has a very low glycemic load so you won't get a fat-promoting insulin response like you would from eating white bread or sweets.Please don't listen to people who say that carbs are bad. Beans are loaded with fiber and protein which will keep you feeling fuller for longer.They are one of the healthiest foods you can eat.

The link below has some great info on the various types.



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beans themselves are fine, but it depends on what the come in - canned beans can have added sugar etc which obviously you want to avoid, check the label.

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Anything can be fattening if you eat too much of it.

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Thanks for that cozmic, I must say that they are very filling and great to have a batch handy to eat as opposed to sandwiches when peckish. Any ideas what else would be nice and tasty to accompany the bean salad.

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Well for something tasty and simple you could try chick peas, feta cheese, and diced red onion.Dress with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil and a pinch of salt.

Also here are some recipes with a bit more variety.


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Your average Salted KP Nuts aren't fattening? I thought they're very fattening?

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Only reason you have gone up 2 dress sizes is your simply eating too much and not exercising enough or may be not at all.

As was said anything can put on fat you just need to practice eating enough of it.

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Stick with the beans. If you enjoy them and especially if you're not a great meat eater. From a nutritional standpoint I'm not a big fan of beans, but only in the context of someone who eats enough meat, fish, eggs, dairy etc. It's more important to get enough protein. I'd still try to eat some meat, fish or eggs though, the protein in beans is incomplete.

Are beans fattening? Well, like everything you eat they are to some extent. Not all calories are made the same though. If you have to cut out anything, let it be sugary stuff, junk food, and refined starches like white bread, white rice, anything but a very very small portion of spuds etc.

If you really do eat a lot of beans though, I'd look into supplementing magnesium, calcium and zinc. The phytic acid in beans can inhibit the absorption of these important minerals. You can get them in an all in one tablet from Holland & Barrett, one a day on an empty stomach before bed.

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Thanks for all the advice.I have been very unfit the last couple of months, battling with nature, pulling weeds tackling briars and ivy keep me busy this time of year.
I'v tried making lentil loaf a couple of times, mine came out way too soggy, anyone got good recipe?

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