madds Registered User

After numerous attempts trying to book a time through the NCT website, I emailed them at on Aug 13th telling them about the problems i was having with their site and could I book via email instead.

Received a reply the next morning with a booking for Aug 26th in Fonthill.

dainius Registered User

rang NCT on thursday 6.15 pm, got appointment for the next morning 9am at fonthill. Wasnt even expecting to get so soon.

ART6 Subscriber

You can't make an Internet booking for more than five weeks ahead of the due date, and the waiting list in my area is currently six weeks. So here there is no way of getting a test appointment at or before the due date. However, an email to gets you onto a standby list so that they will phone you as soon as they have a cancellation.

Longerview Registered User

NCT booking is impossible, looked at online booking , nothing available at any time or on any week....Then I read the tip about going online early morning and looking for appointments added overnight ( cancellations ).
So today I did just that and now have an test booked FOR NEXT WEEK !!!!!!!!!

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