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Hey everyone heading over to Boston got flights accomadation and VISA out of the way thanks God but having trouble getting a job if anyone who went has any advice or contacts they would be very much appreciated!

Also im looking to play sport over there preferably soccer or rugby but maybe a bit of GAA is there any Irish clubs that anyone here has played with.... im pretty injury prone if I got injured playing sport would my insurance cover me (travelling with USIT) might just ring them to be safe.....

And finally as im only 19 im a bit worried about the social scene over there... where do most Irish people go and whats the best way to meet them!? Theres only two of us going.... Any tips or advice would be appreciated

InvaderZim Registered User

Hey, Im the exact same as you.

Got my visa the other day. Heading over with 5 including me. Haven't got job or accommodation yet.

When you flying out? I have pretty much the same questions as you do!

Oh....and where did you get accomodation?

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You could check craigslist for accomodation/jobs etc before you go. When I moved to Boston a couple of years ago, I was on my own, but fortunately I had a job to go to, so it wasnt too bad. You should check out the Irish Centre just off Washington St, acorss from Macys (nearest T is Downtown Crossing), they may be able to help you if you get stuck.

From my own personal experience, it can be hard to get into bars during the summer due to the large amount of students who visit on the J1, so its best to get friendly with a barman or something! I'm always asked for i.d, and I'm 27! And its advisable to get friendly with your local cab driver, he will be your best friend!

I live in Quincy, which is a great spot, rent is cheaper than Southie and it is right by the beach, and a quick train ride to downtown. If you are interested in playing football, I would reco you to call into The Blackthorn (nearest T is Broadway), or the Banshee in Southie (think the nearest T is JFK/UMASS) as they are big football pubs, and you will definitely meet someone there who will be able to sort you out, and if not, just go straight out to Canton where all the games are and you should get more info.

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I think Bluefox may have been out and back already, that post is a bit dated!

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