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Hi all , I have a small problem with stained and yellow teeth, from the likes of Coffe, smoking, red wine, all the bad habits that are fun unfortunatley.
To be honest I dont have the sort of Money to go to a dental technican an spend upwards of 350 euro for a half hour session.
I have heard there are some good home teeth whitening kits and I am lookinf for any info on anyone that has used them.
I have a friend that got some kit in the states that worked very well but for the life of her she can think of the name of it.
There seem to be a few kits online in Ireland as I would prefer to buy from Here as I may have some comeback if it doesnt work.
I am wiling to spend about 50 Euro or so and give it a real go and hopefully can get id of some stuborn stains.
Great if anyone could help me, find it hard to even smile at the moment

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spinaltap... greta name and movie .

Try http://www.whitestrips.com/en_US/home.jsp - Crest White Stripes.
I'm looking into getting some myself.

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Spam...out of your 9 posts, 4 are about this website and its 20 euro miracle bleach and the others are about hair growth potions from the same site. It also appears that this site does not pay for its Internet as the site has been suspended.

Read the forum rules....no SPAM

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I got mine from ***mod edit, read the charter, you post about little other than tooth whitening****. This is my second time using them in 2 years. I love them.

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Ebay also has good deals on Crest strips.

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From what I've been reading on the net today, the custom dental trays seem to be the way to go. It's the same as the home kits that dentists give you for a few hundred quid. The only real issue seems to be can you bite down on a mould without making a mess of it. They all come in at about £100 or a little less. This is the cheapest I've been able to find so far:


Has anyone used these before and can tell me what to expect, which service is the best, etc? I'm not paying a dentist €200+ extra to tell me to bite.... Bite this...
It is important to get a check up before using any bleach system like this as cavities where the bleach can enter the tooth and gum disease can cause problems with sensitivity. The dentist should prepare your mouth for whatever product you want to use but what's the bets they try their best to get you to spend your money with them.

This is what you're supposed to do:


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I've never used the moulds but I know that the Crest Whitestrips Premium do a great job. A bit annoying to use but they are worth it.

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cormicar said:
I've never used the moulds but I know that the Crest Whitestrips Premium do a great job. A bit annoying to use but they are worth it.

From what I've read there are 2 negative aspects to the whitening strips.
1. They don't quite get in between teeth resulting in a darker shade at the sides than the centre.
2. The amount you need to use to get a significant result makes them the most expensive method in the long run.

Just what I've read though.

spinaltap Banned

Hi guys, last year I was looking for an alternative for teeth whitening, home kits.
I tried about 5 differant ones to no success.
I eventually found a product called ental white which I used for about 3 weeks.
I saw the differance in days a lot whiter.
I use it for 2 weeks daily and to be honest maybe to much as I got some gum irritation from it and so I stopped till the iritation went and continued with as directed.
You get and I am quoting "5.2 oz bottle of 16% Carbamide Peroxide Gel. Refillable syringe. 2 Warm & Form E-Z Trays™. Detailed instructions. Free syringe of Remineralising Gel.
all you need to get started and enough gel to last you a year or more.
I was so into this product that I have got in touch with the manufacturer and have started selling it in markets and the likes and it has proved very very popular and I have customers coming back to me looking for more for friends and relatives.
Please PM me if you are looking for any advise on these home kits as I think I have tried them all, lol , cheers boards for helping me mind a suitable product for a reasonable price

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Is it possible to pick up those white strips in any shops around dublin

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Spinaltap You must own <snip>no URLS's please </snip> I have been buying from you guys for the last couple of years. There's a new site called <snip>no URLS's please </snip> masquerading as the cheapest and sole supplier of Dental White in Ireland when in fact they are neither. €50 for dental white? Ha what a rip off! I've been buying Dr Georges Dental White it for €29.99 in Ireland for years!

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