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The Soccer Forum was originally setup as an alternative to some of the less intelligent soccer discussion sites found online. It's main attraction being rivalry and friendly banter coupled with intelligent discussion about the beautiful game. Unfortunately, keeping this atmosphere proved more difficult than the mods could handle, with an influx of a small group of posters whose discussion skills were "lacking". Strong moderation was in place, people were banned but the real problem was with compulsives who just had to re-register their accounts to get the last say or just to cause disruption.

Faced with a choice of allowing the soccer forum to degenerate into the free for all of flaming an abuse that other major soccer forums had become, or revamping the forum, the Admins and Soccer Mods decided to close the forum. After consultation with the Admins, Gandalf introduced an access process to stop banned users from re-registering to cause trouble. A number of users were permanently banned and new users had to meet certain criteria to gain access via the Soccer Access Requests Forum.

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