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I used to tell my parents I was staying out to take loads of Class A's. I fooled them good when I came home locked!!

"Were you taking drugs?"
*hiccup* "fla? iosd? Drugs? Na im alrite, wohs tha? Yeah im gud, howwwws u?"
"Oh right, thats ok then"

Hahahaha suckers

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daisy123 said:
Hmm, you may find that your brothers will have been granted a little bit more freedom than their precious baby girl!!!

Lil Smiler, your story almost reflects mine, apparently "drunk" and "hyper" on the phone sound a lot different! Something to do with slurring words...also the last time I came home drunk as an underager, still reluctant NOW to do it if they'll see me! I also got the 'ignore' as opposed to the 'angry' method!

Yeah my parents are very disapproving of the getting drunk thing. So i try to avoid coming home if i do find that i've drank a few more than intended! The odd time i've come home tipsy but i'm not sure if they've noticed coz i sh1te on enough anyway when i'm talking to them normally!


When I was a teenager we didn't have mobiles so the parents couldn't track you. But it also meant that if you were getting a lift home at a certain time you had to be there otherwise there was hell to pay.

I remember coming home about 5 one morning and not being met with the happiest of folks.

ScumLord Moderator

My mother didn't mind me coming home late as long as I didn't bring gangs of people with me. My mother didn't really want to know what I used to get up to when I was out either. Poor woman.


From the age of 18 I didn't have to make excuses but before that I would just tell my mum I was staying at a friends so I could be out clubbing all night. When I was 16 though, I said I would be home by 1am one night. I was quite late though, and unbeknownst to me, my mum went out looking for me. It was about 2.30am when me and two friends came walking up our road on our way home. To my horror, a few doors down from my house, was my mum in her car. She wound the window down as we walked past and said in a furious voice "Get in." Even though it was a 5 second walk from there to our house. My friends quietly wished me luck as I got in (as they were boys, their parents didn't care what time they came home). It was so embarrassing, I got in, my mum drove for 1 second until we were outside our house, and we got out as my friends were walking past. Why?! She just wanted to embarrass me and it worked.

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Rb said:
I didn't need any excuses from the age of 15 upwards. All they wanted, actually it was more of a requirement was that I text them to let them know where I am, where I'm staying etc.

Texting your parents with something reasonable when you're off your head on E is a tricky, tricky thing to do.

Heh i got my soberish friends to do it when i was to off my face.

Oh the memories.

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When I go home during the weekends I don't really return to the house until 7 / 8 in the morning. Parents do wonder where the hell I do be until then and I tell them the truth. Thing is, though, they don''t seem to believe me that after the pub me and lad's head back to another mate's flat with cans and just chillax chatting shìte. We don't get to see each other until the weekends so, dammit, we drain the life out of every hour on the weekends! Overheard the meddling, trouble-making sister one day saying to them "He's probably doing drugs when he's out!" I don't, but still

And during the week I'm normally in the lad's gaff till about 2 - 3 in the morning...........then I'm up at 8:30 to go to work

My sleeping pattern is arseways!

Father Hernandez Registered User

This always worked for me as I said it when i was out sobre or out drinking

"Where are you ?"

"AHH Mother, I don't know where I am, I'm reaching for the lasers as we speak." (All words slurred)

Said it for the first time when sobre and she got a laugh out of it and worked like a charm after. Was always followed with "Okay, I'll leave the key out for you"

Nicolas Cage Cagerator

I used to say that I got drugged and raped by pedobear. That meant I got sympathy while hungover

scruff321 Registered User

used to just bullsh/t them tell them i was in somebodies how watchin a film but by the time i was 16 i pretty much didnt need any excuses for staying out late

JangoFett Registered User

My parents were ok with me, as long as I wasn't on drugs, and I wasn't, being drunk was ok as long as I didn't overdo it and I came home safe or I told them if I was staying in a mates house

AlmightyCushion Moderator

Just tell them you're Batman.

JangoFett Registered User

I am totally gonna do that. I'm 22 and live in my own place but I am so gonna ring my Ma some night and tell her its ok that I'm out drinking cuz I'm Batman

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EDIT: I was going to post something here but then I remembered my dad knows about this account. Whoops!


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