Stealdo Registered User

Will be in Carlingford soon enough for a stag party - any locals (who aren't completely fed up with stag parties) got tips on the best spots for a night out?

PCwiggum Registered User

I'm not a local myself, but I was there on Sunday last, and there was good craic at Taaffes Castle - live music in the courtyard on a Sunday afternoon. Unfortunately I was with car so I couldn't join in.

Here's a link to the pubs in Carlingford, not too many, so I'm sure you'll be able to sample them all.

ibh Registered User

I reccommended to a friend from the north that was going on a stag to Carlingford to go to the country pubs around Cooley and then into Carlingford that night. Pubs like Lily Finnegans, Long's, Martins (Riverstown) etc.. Basically if you get a taxi driver out in Carlingford they'll find you some decent spots.
In Carlinford itself, PJ O'Hares is a cracking spot, I don't really go to any other pubs there.

JulieMac Registered User

It also depends on how many in your group & what night you're having it!
Carlingford & its wee pubs can get fairly packed at the weekend.....

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