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sorry if this shouldn't be here, I don't have access to the soccer forum.

I was wondering if anyone knew any teams on the north side of the city if possible who would let me train with them? I had a bad injury about 14 years ago and gave up the game and haven't played since, I decided I'm going to get back into it and hopefully take up a spot on a sunday/non league team or maybe a lower league team.

As I said I'm not looking for a spot on the team, just to train with for a year or so or untill I'm fit enough to play.

I'm 28 if it makes any difference.



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Sent you a PM chief


If you are

Looking for a few lads for a kick around

Looking for a team to play against

Looking for extra lads for a game

etc etc

Post in this thread.


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Ok I'll get it started. Our Saturday (grass) team looking for players for new season, here's the site with info & contact details etc.


stop stealing my players ffs.

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Tried tested and failed!


How many nights a week do you train Sav?

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Just once a week until July, then twice a week until the Winter, then once a week usually on Thursdays on Astro.


Cheers. It'd suit me while I'm living in DCU but I'd be back to Leixlip in September. I'll think about it anyway.

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Well we're just getting together once a week for a light session and game on Thursdays for the next while in Poppintree Park. If you fancy comin along just lemme know anyway, it's open to new lads comin down for a kickabout.

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Yeh when I come back from holidays I might pop down.

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Might drop up myself one of the nights if thats alright??

Severely unfit at the mo due to beer & smokes, but would give me a good excuse to get the fitness back up!!!

Not a bad player though, if I do say so myself........ (usually play up front)

Savman Registered User

Yeah do. PM me if u want directions.

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Do you get one of them nice training jackets?

Savman Registered User

Would ye look who it is. Yes you do, eventually!

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