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ok hoping someone can help me out here.

The SRS (airbag) warning light on my dashboard (97 Honda Civic) has been on for a while. I took it pretty much straight away to a Honda dealer, who hooked it all up and said there was NO fault with the system. They couldn't work out why it was on though, thought maybe just a fault with the LED or something, but that the airbag system was fine.

Have my driving test hopefully in the next few days, and am beginning to wonder if this is going to be a problem. The car is perfect otherwise. Will it be enough to tell the tester what the garage told me?

Not sure where the test is going to be either, am looking for any quick date from SGS in pretty much any centre as I've just been offered a new job and need my full license. Have done pre-tests etc and I've been told I'm good to go, hope lack on practice in particular area isn't gong to stand against me.....but I've been told by instructors that I'm a competant and safe driver

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As far as i'm aware the test will not be conducted if any warning lights are on. And i doubt the tester will take your word for it, especially considering it is the airbag warning light. I'm not too sure how you would get around this problem since the dealer can't figure it.

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I've only had one experience with a light that stayed on - mine was the Brake light. Once they saw that nothing was wrong, they just turned off the light for me.

I would check and see if the garage will do that for you as well.

Dr Galen I'm a real doctor I swears

think I've found out whats wrong. took a lot og googling but it seems that its a very twitchy system especially on the Honda. Hopefully be able to have the light fixed tomorrow!!! thanks lads was beginning to freak out.

suppose i always could have borrowed the instructor car if needed

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Does anybody know if the rule about not conducting the test if there is a warning light displayed applies to all lights ? The RSA documentation seems vague and refers to some 'Office Notice'

From RSA Standard Procedures :
Where ignition warning lights do not come on when the ignition is switched on, it is not in order to
proceed with the test. However, see Office Notice 7/2004 for where a warning light does come on,
and stays on after the engine has been started.

I have somebody doing a test in a car where the 'Check Engine' light is on. This usually indicates a problem lambda sensor and hence your emissions (although it can be other things obviously!) so generally does not affect the actual driving of the car.

Question is whether this is sufficient reason for the tester to refuse to carry out the driving test? I believe it is but wanted to get other opinions ?


Alanstrainor Moderator

There should be no warning lights on at all. I would go and get this checked out asap, it's one less thing to worry about come test day. Since it's a general "check engine" warning light i would say it would result in a automatic fail, i'm not 100% sure about that but i wouldn't risk it come test day.

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If the warning light is red on the dashboard, the car will not be accepted for test, if the warning light is yellow its at the testers discretion. But I wouldnt be risking it. Try and get the warning light fixed.

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Airbags have a few elements, the bags themselves, sensors for a crash, a module usually within the dash and connections under the seats for emergency services to disable and of course the light.

Usually a light is lit if there is a problem if the module or one of the under seat connections is faulty. I once had a case where the nct test activated the light when they had their pc attached, ie they caused it. Anyone with a Krypton pc should be able to locate where the fault is and reset, however if the module is faulty or connections are wrong it won't be able to.

The problem with your garage may be that the mechanic is not totally familiar with its workings or there is a fault the pc would have shown.

It is not a fail believe it or not for the light to be on in the nct so I doubt the tester could really argue the point, but probably as others have pointed out, a tester might decide they won't chance it.

If under pressure to get it put out, I'd get the garage to issue an engineers report stating that the airbag system is in full working order rather than land at the centre hoping for the best.

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donegalman1 said:

If under pressure to get it put out, I'd get the garage to issue an engineers report stating that the airbag system is in full working order rather than land at the centre hoping for the best.


An engineers report WILL NOT be accepted.

Get it fixed or get another car, otherwise you WILL NOT be allowed to do the test.

It may simply just need to be re-set. Happened twice to me, (different VW Golf's) was charged around €90 each time by Main VW dealers.

I would try another Garage.

Alanstrainor Moderator

Straight from the RSA

i) Your test will not be conducted/completed, as appropriate, if any system warning light comes on during the test.

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