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I have a '02 Opel Corsa and recently the yellow engine management light has been on constantly. I brought it back to the garage I got it from (still under warranty) and they replaced an oxygen sensor. I picked the car up today and before I'd even driven it out of the garage the light was on again. They said after they did the job they forgot to 'cancel' the computer. They did this and the light went off, and was fine all the way home.

I just took it out a few minutes ago and the light is back on again. I have my driving test in three days and I wont be allowed to sit it if there's a warning light on.

I'm really worried as the garage dont seem to have a clue whats wrong with it, but its under warranty there and I dont want to spend a fortune on repairs somewhere else.

Any idea how I can get this light to switch off? I'm desperate!

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Best to give that garage an earful or else take it somewhere else. There are a multitude of possibilities that could cause the light to come on from something as simple as a faulty sensor to something very expensive like a new catalytic convertor, and really the best thing to do is not to drive it until the car is looked at.


If it's still under warranty and the engine management light is covered by that warranty then definitely DON'T bring it anywhere else. If you get warranty work performed by a non-warranty approved dealer you'll never get reimbursed for it.

If your EML is on, then an Opel garage should be able to read the fault codes from the car and know exactly what's wrong with it.

Whether your dealer's an Opel dealer or not (and the fault is covered by the warranty), they've misdiagnosed the fault and there should be no bill for the work done so far or the subsequent work to extinguish the EML.

If it's not under warranty and you're frustrated with them then bring it anywhere else...

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Most importantly right now; have a backup car for your driving test.

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Most Corsas I've seen seem to have this problem, it could be anything tbh so many things go wrong with these cars, it could be the EGR valve too that's another regular.

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I drive a Corsa and this light is always coming on. Check your oil and radiator. Have you heard your fan coming on at all? Mine never cuts in and I think this is why the light is coming on as the engine is also getting very hot a lot of the time. Like you, I also have my test in 3 weeks so book a driving instructors car, or get insured on a parent's car NOW and get used to driving it. Don't risk it.

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there are a few things that usually cause the engine management light to come on on a corsa, what year is it and what engine? you mention that they replaced the 02 sensor. i have replaced a few o2 sensor on corsas, usually its the second 02 sensor that gives trouble in them (corsa c model) maybe the garage replaced the first one. also they may of had a trouble code for an o2 sensor range/performance or a fuel trim malfunction, which may seem like a problem with the o2 sensor but is usually a problem with the air flow meter, (also called air mass meter or mass air flow sensor), it is a result of an incorrect mixture which is caused by a faulty air flow meter, which then causes the o2 sensor to have a reading outside its usual value and can bring on the EML and a trouble code which could lead some garages to think its an 02 sensor. post up more info about the car, year model. do you notice and loss of power, rough idle etc


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Sorry for bringing this old thread back up, but it's related to a problem I'm having with an Opel Corsa.

It's a 99 reg, 1.0 litre petrol "city".

The Engine management light had been intermittent for a while, particularly if going uphill at speed in 5th the engine felt like it was struggling, and the orange engine light would come on.
Now yesterday the light comes on a lot, if driving at normal speed, sitting in traffic, slowing down etc. I noticed that whilst in idle the light sometimes came on and the engine revved up slightly, then back to normal, then up again, until I put the foot on the accelerator, then it stopped.

Any idea what's going on, and most importantly, what it might cost to repair?

It only had a service 6 months ago and it's probably knocked up 2000 km since then (very little driving).

Thanks in advance for your help

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By the sounds of your problem, if you are experiencing a power loss, like as you describe when going up a hill, it is likely to be your airflow meter that is causing the problem. It can sometimes also cause idling problems also. It could also possibly be your idle motor, which usually just causes the car to idle badly and sometimes cut out, no power loss though. Both problems are easily solved, they only take a few mins to change, cant remember the price of the parts but I would guess about €150 for either parts plus labour for fitting. Just be carefull as when some people go to diagnose the fault they can miss interpret the fault codes and replace the wrong parts. Like the OP's problem, some garages get a code saying 02 Sensor, so they replace the sensor rather than figuring out what is causing that sensor to have an incorrect reading. If you can have the faults read with a code reader and let me know what codes I should be able to tell you what is wrong with it.

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if your corsa is running fine and the light is on still its most likely the egr valve. its a common prob

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Thanks guys for your answers.

I'm curious to know if I take it for a spin this afternoon, will I still get home?!

Seemed ok last night for getting home, just with the sympoms I described would it be something that could cause a breakdown on the M50?

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did you manage to find out what the problem was? I have the same issue with my car...

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could also be a sensor easy enough replasced but get the garage to do it ,make sure it is ok for oil and water ,corsas like to drink oil after that its more or less down to the air flow meter

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DubOnHoliday said:
did you manage to find out what the problem was? I have the same issue with my car...

It turned out to be two things:

1. The air flow meter was faulty
2. Some other part was also faulty. Cant remember the name of it now, but was told usually when one goe the other is soon to follow. Turns out they were both on the fritz.

The garage were decent enough to swap out one at a time to see what the problem was, and it was with both parts. Cost me €400 to put right.

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Sorry to drag up old thread but kinda relates how much to replace an oxygen sensor?

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