armour87 Registered User

Any boardsies members of this forum? IMO one of the funniest places on the web and the main site is always my first place for football news.

Tried registering 2 or 3 times in the past but always got refused. Work or Uni account required.

Can anyone get me in

Xavi6 Registered User


Boards should be your first place for football news. We have all the exclusives.

armour87 Registered User

Damn it Xavi I thought if anyone here was on the forum it would be you...or maybe DesF...

Xavi6 Registered User

Nah not me. There's a lot of tools on it to be fair so I'd barely even lurk on it. Only post here and on a City forum.

armour87 Registered User

There is indeed but theres some funny people on there too.

Incidentally, I've decided to go to Boston for the summer rather than Australia now, you might remember me PM'n you a while back.

Xavi6 Registered User

Ah yeah I do. The weather in Boston will be far better at that time of year with it being our winter so you might have a better time of it there. Make sure you do hit Oz at some stage though.

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