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""The current Core 2 Quad Q9550 will get a significant price cut from its current $530 to $316.""


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Awesome, im in the market for a new cpu

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I want to be a realist and get another 2160/4300 and just OC it but I feel the urge to get an 8500 or q9300...the 7200 might be a decent middle ground.

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The e7300 @ 2.66 will be only €20 more.

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Anyone know if these are definitely compatible? About to place order in work, haven't the PSU or reliable spec to hand. The gfx card notes indicate that an 8pin connector is mandatory, not a 6pin + 2pin.



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AeroCool AeroRacer Pro

The fan 400mm and only 12decibels!
Might be tempted............

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Very dead on this thread...

Here's something to help. Hope this will help some budget-minded builders:

This cooler sucks.

No, not being pottymouthed for SnG, I really mean it! I know it isn't a Arctic Freezer 7 Pro, which is very hard to get around these parts and thus leaves a bit of a void in the old "sub-120mm/budget tower cooler" range I thought it would be at least slightly superior to an ancient Zalman 7500Cu while also being fairly cheap. Well it isn't. In fact it happens to be much worse

OCZ, if you actually want to make a budget cooler worth buying, try to do at least one (and preferably all) of three simple things which needn't break the bank:
1) Use the correct size fan. Not that a 92mm fan has to suck (though yours does), but if you do use one make sure the heatpipes are the correct spacing to catch some of the friggin' air! If the fan isn't wide enough to cover the heatpipes within the primary airflow corridor it won't cool worth ****. Don't use mutant 105mm coolers unless you have suitably esoteric 105mm fans to match them. Zalman managed it! N.B. stagger the heatpipes you 'tards! (not just OCZ at fault there...)
2) Use the correct fixings, not cack stock ones to save 2 cent. No, the Vanq isn't that much heavier than the Intel stock HSF, but that's not the point! You seemed to have cottoned on to the fact that reviewers all use flat testbeds. Sadly 80% of the units in your target audience will have vertically-inclined cases, where the Vanq's high centre-of-gravity results in a truly craptastic "Leaning Tower of Pisa" effect which kills the contact between the cooler baseplate and the CPUs IHS. And this is a cooler that clips in so tight you risk snapping your mobo to get it in! FAIL.
3) If there was any contact to begin with. I love the old con-trick where you seem to give added value by giving a free giant hunk of stock cooling gunk. Because this just happens to conceal the fact that you don't seem to have even passed a coarse file over the base, which seems to have been hacksaw'd off a big copper pole. An average cooler manages a base finish of ~32 microinches, even with exposed heatpipes. A decent one can attain <8 microinches, even using copper rather than electroplated nickel and mad lapping jobs. I'm guessing your base's finish is around 150+. On a coincidental note I really wish I had some fine sandpaper right now. I shudder to imagine the air-voids but I want some sanding stuff before I try to reseat my cooler

On a depressing note, I notice that out of the last five OCZ items I purchased four have turned out to be out-of-spec piles of dung, three of which still need the "return to sender" treatment. Such miserable QC warms my heart - simply because it means someone has defied the odds and even made Gigabyte look good. And given the problems I had with them and a certain OEM a few years back that's saying something!

Sorry, but never again, OCZ. And I've shunned other companies for far less.

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the coolermaster v8. seriously. have the q6600 overclocked to 3.4ghz on air.... how could you not go wrong!?


it looks stunning in the case too, like a mini engine attached to the board

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I was just warning peeps off one cooler in particular

If you have a decent case just ignore bling and get a Tuniq CCF (s775) or Akasa Nero (s1366). Former is the second-best tower cooler out there, and its far from expensive (at least on OCUK). Just a bit big And I haven't seen the Themolab BARAM (best tower cooler out there) out this side of the pond yet anyway (plus you'd need an even better 12cm fan than the CCF to actually beat it)

Akasa Nero is pretty decent, and at OCUK prices its one of the few decent Core-i7 coolers out there that focuses on cooling over bling.

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Anyone recommend some online stores for components that ship to UK. Used to only use Komplett but they don't ship to UK, I think. I know there's probably loads on them, but if anyone has had good/bad experiences with any stores in particular.

Haven't built or upgraded for years, so kind of out of the loop with regard to whats available component wise, speeds/technology etc, if someone could recommend good magazine or website with info that would be great as well. Reviews etc.

Thanks guys.

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Frankieboy: I think these posts will be cutpasted to the Retailer Discussion thread soon. So if they seem to disappear don't panic

Anyway, don't Komplett have an English site? Dabs, Pixmania and Overclockers all have UK domains for shipping to Britain, and may actually have better RMA reliability over there as well so some issues we've had with them over here may or may not apply to you

As for your second question try hanging around here and swatting up on some recent XBit/Guru3D/AnandTech articles. Tom's Hardware used to be the best but are going a bit sideways again; as had occured previously there's signs that they're taking money from people to tilt reviews in their favour again. Either that or they are the most unprofessional hardware site on the web JohnnyGuru is a good source for understanding PSUs, and XBit good for finding out real component power usage.

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Very surprised about the Vanquisher. In fact, was considering it as a new cooler, simply because I wouldn't have to take out my mobo. I had this before and it was very good, so I'd have thought the Vanquisher would be OK.

Any recommendation on a cooler then using reference 775 push-pin (grr) design?

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