Milkman Registered User

Hey all,
Hope this is the right forum, although I might have to move it to video/editing

I'm having problems playing a .mov file on my XP PC. It was exported from a Sony EX1 camera through a Mac Final Cut Pro onto external harddrive.
Now on my windows based system with Premier Pro I cannot view the files.

If I open Quicktime I can hear the sound but not see any video?

I tryed to convert it with super to any other format but no joy, it says that the video codec is XDVE??

Anyone any idea how to play this as I need to log the footage on an XP machine?


Sherifu Registered User

Try VLC.

Milkman Registered User

hiya Sherifu

tryed that, but don't even get sound from vlc... still no joy.

thanks for the reply.


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