Doodee purple headed warrior

Right Folks its announced.

The Next installment of the LAN will be on the weekend of the 21st and 22nd of June.

Sign-ups will be up shortly so please feel free to tell your friends and fellow Gamers.

Games will Include:

Forza 2

to name but a few!

LAN will begin on the Saturday and Finish on the Sunday Evening.

More Details to be posted with the Sign-ups.

Prepare for LANNAGe!

jakedixon2004 Registered User

Will Company Of Heroes be played or will it just be FPS's


Will defo be at this one. Not bringing down my 360 + 32" this time though, just took up too much space and the car was cramped. Looking forward to pwning you all at COD4!!! PEW PEW!!

po0k Registered User
Shiminay Moderator

hmmm, was thinking of bringing my 360 down, but we didn't get too much play out of the one that was there last time apart from the occasional games of Pro-Vo.

Must talk ot amp and DeV when they're back from their holidays to see if they're up for it.


Yeah 1 would probably service games like Pro-Evo and DOA4.

strat Registered User

Giggity giggity giggity giggity!

po0k Registered User

There will be a tournament or two.
Prizes too.

Doodee purple headed warrior

Just to let people know, this is the same weekend as that amazing rock concert on in Pearse Statium.

So if you need Accomodation in Galway then you better book it sharpish


Is there still rooms in the Anno Santo?

po0k Registered User

Have you rang them?
Strat managed to get a room during last week.

Tar.Aldarion /flails limbs

Sigh, can't, my birthday and a wedding.

Art_Wolf Moderator


I also suggest dropping a flyer or some such advert in to the net cafes - mentioned it in Squareyes when shown a flyer for midlans, a few of them may come along this weekend.

Is there any problems with like getting two network points? Have a nas drive which I let people leech off - leaves my pc happily chugging away without worry

Doodee purple headed warrior

shouldn't be a problem. Depends on the turn out.

Your sharing your photo's and personal documents though


Looks like I will be able to go!!!1!!!!!!!!

Is someone bringing a 360? I could bring my NTSC, my PAL is still not put back together. I've got Forza & PGR for the NTSC. Defo not bringing my 32" TV though. Will just hook it up to my monitor.

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