jon1981 Registered User


what are the post codes around or nearby the ferry terminal in the uk?

C_Breeze Registered User

Google is your friends for that kind of info.

But since im here, i use LL65 2AT ... Holyhead port area

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Esel Not your ornery onager

Better selection if you use Liverpool?

jon1981 Registered User

cheers lads! tried google, but was looking for posters with previous experience

Esel Not your ornery onager

Also, Newry BT35 7NB is a handy one. Just put distance <100 miles and you'll just see cars in the wee North.

jon1981 Registered User

thats a good one, i was going to go across the water, but there are many bargains up north too and less hassle

rebel.ranter Registered User

I always use Wimbledon sw19 3rq. if you're buying a car over the pond you might as well have a good night in London! It's only 4-5 hour drive to Fishguard.

If you were using Holyhead then maybe a Manchester or Liverpool one woudl satisfy a similar need.

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