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Digital Spy season finale spoilers.

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Personally I think most of it is rubbish
but there are 1 or 2 bits I wouldn't mind being true.

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The guy who wrote it is now banned from Digital Spy
And is being laughed off the planet over on

pixelburp Moderator

Funny, I only just read it there this minute, courtesy of; it truly is the product of an overeager imagination & possibly the most fanwanky thing I've read. It happens every year; some muppet writes up this complex mish-mash of every set-report & rumour into this convoluted plot that would even make Star Trek fans stand back and go "jaysus, that's a bit much".

Doctor DooM Moderator

Imagine the special effects budget!

If the guy who posted it worked Optimus Prime into it, then he would have had me.

popebenny16 Registered User

oh god, thank god we're not that bad on this forum but last year to celebrate the LOTTL we did a "create the most stupid ending" thread......

I will do a similar thread with a poll this year, winner will get a book voucher or somesuch so you can buy your who books/dvd ect for €50 courstesy of moi as you've all be very good this year to the board

Stark Registered User

That's very generous of you, but I don't think RTD needs the €50 voucher

pixelburp Moderator

In fairness though, what storyline could top that whopper our friend on Digital Spy concocted?

Stark Registered User

I don't see anything about Yvonne Hartman in a Cyberbikini in there...

popebenny16 Registered User

pixelburp said:
In fairness though, what storyline could top that whopper our friend on Digital Spy concocted?

well there was some insane stuff on DS last year... after two or three posts i got a headache

Stark Registered User


pixelburp Moderator

Wow, Tennant in a mini skirt. So many confusing, conflicting emotions being felt right now

Oh wait, Alan Carr. Nevermind, it was just a lust for violence that's all

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