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I would certainly pay €100-200 extra to get it in a LBS, probably even 3 or 400 more. But the savings are even greater than that; often in the thousands for even mid-level bikes (e.g. €2,350 bike for €1,300 sort of thing.)

Ciaran- you can't buy a Trek online any more, it's in person from a dealer only.

There are also differences between the online shops; CRC just ship the box to you as is but Wiggle fully assemble and adjust the bike (I have bought bikes from both.) And then there are the bikes you can only get online, or not from Irish dealers anyway.

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blorg said:
Ciaran- you can't buy a Trek online any more, it's in person from a dealer only.

EDIT: Is there any good Trek dealers around Dublin? Any shop I went into said they don't stock Treks but they'd order one in for me.

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Yeah, note top of that page you linked:
As of 1st September 2007 this product is not available for delivery. This product is only available to collect instore. This is at the request of the Trek Bicycle Company and will affects all dealers Worldwide more

Joe Daly in Dundrum are a Trek dealer and a very good shop overall; I'd highly recommend them. Doubt they would have that bike in stock though, it's a very expensive mountain bike and they tend towards the road end of the spectrum. That would go for most Trek dealers I know of though. Full list of Dublin Trek Dealers here. Cycle Inn in Tallaght specialize in MTBs AFAIK but they don't seem to do a lot of Trek (from their website.)


Ciaran500 said:

EDIT: Is there any good Trek dealers around Dublin? Any shop I went into said they don't stock Treks but they'd order one in for me.

Little Sport in Fairview are a Trek dealer.

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Also McDonalds (I think!) on Wexford Street are a trek stockist, and pretty sound guys -they're just next door to Shine (used to be the Corner Stone)

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I bought a bike from edinburgh cycles online, my mum was in Scotland so brought it home with her (free on plane about 6 years ago).
they create their own brand of bikes that are virtually the same as branded bike( use good components) but are a lot cheaper....

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I have bough from the LBS and online and online would win in my book. Irish sites can't compete on price because of VAT, higher overheads and the fact that the market is smaller than UK.

Bought a Cannondale online after I had checked it out in Cycleways and ended up saving €300 over their sale price never mind their presale price and with lesser components all round. The only drawback with online is that couriers will not treat your new beauty with the same love and attention as you would expect, also getting it delivered in that big cardboard box drew surprise from the security guards where I work.

I regularly use the LBS only to kick myself when I see what I can save when I go online.

A poll might be the way forward to gauge feeling on this.

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Unfortunately it's a classic catch 22.
Because they invariably (have to?)charge substantially more than you can get online,people tend to send their business online, where they have more choice also. However because the LBSs are getting less business, they have to reduce their stocklines and increase their prices in order to make rent payments, staff payments, bills etc.

The size of the market here doesn't help things either, but maybe it's starting to change a bit as more people start cycling.

I would LOVE to be able to go down to the LBS and pick the exact make/model/size of bike I wanted, and take it home there and then - I'd even be prepared to pay 10-15% more than the online price for this _service_. The reality is that most of the time they don't have a particular size of the make/model in stock, and it takes them as long to get it in as you can get in online anyway. And it's almost always more than 10-15% more expensive.

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I think Ken hit it on the head -there is a premium I'd pay for getting stuff from a LBS, but it's not as high as the difference there is. I usually use them for stuff I need *now*, but am always annoyed at how much more it costs

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^^I agree with ken. they can't compete on the same terms as online retailers.

i think that one way a the lbs might be able to survive the move to online shopping is by providing better quality of service, pretty much the only area in which they have left in which to compete with the online giants. servicing, repairs, replacement parts fitting etc. could be a lucrative market supplementing actual bike sales. this does not seem to be the direction things are taking though. we have plenty of people posting here who have deliberately stopped buying from certain bricks n mortar shops because of the poor service (as opposed to because of the higher prices).

this is compounded by the second threat that the internet poses to the lbs: know how. the same bargain hunters who will risk it with ebay etc. are going to be the ones on the parktools site saying 'from now on i'll be fitting my own bottom-bracket (or whatever)...' for the first time it's possible to be a fully equipped cyclist on a well maintained machine without ever going to a lbs.

the lbss out there seem to think that they're the ones doing us a favour by deigning to sell us a chain, or possibly service our bike (in two weeks). they're not. we're doing them a favour with our business. but for how long? and they seem to be hastening their own demise.

whew, needed that.

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Manone said:
Irish sites can't compete on price because of VAT, higher overheads and the fact that the market is smaller than UK.
VAT has nothing to do with it; difference between 17.5% and 21% means only €25 on €1,000 worth of bike. If this were the only difference this thread would not exist. And most people buying online are doing it from elsewhere in the EU, (inc. CRC in Northern Ireland) not the US. The other points are valid.

TinyExplosions Registered User

Maybe it's time to open a 'proper' bike shop

To look at the other side though, I do think that the majority of people on here are not typical cyclists. We have some level of 'know-how', and are willing to learn to do things ourselves, whereas the average punter is probably happy going into any of the LBS' and picking up over priced stuff, simply because they don't know (or care) that it's cheaper online. For example, how many people brave the customer service nightmare that is PC World when they could get a Dell delivered direct for cheaper.

In this case it may be that 'a little knowledge is dangerous', as we look for better service, and the LBS to have better and better bikes in stock, when we may be <10% of their customers. Is it practical to expect Cycleways to have the same sort of stock as Wiggle?

At the end of the day, I think the shops here are geared more for people wanting a cheap (in bike terms) runaround (or a very high priced custom tt bike or similar), than us folk wanting mid end stuff.

or maybe I'm talking rubbish!

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The biggest reason that I've switched to doing almost all of my bike shopping online - and I spend more money on bike stuff than I should - is that I've had some very bad experiences (and heard of worse ones) with certain dublin bike shops, where stuff hasn't been put together properly, or repairs done right.

There's this assumption going around that goes like this: "your lbs will look after you, and do the job properly, unlike those dodgy online retailers"... or also that the guys in the bike shop know how to do things correctly, and if you try yourself, you'll just break your bike.
And that's just not true in my experience - you can get some really bad work done on your bike if you bring it to or buy it from, the wrong shop.
Scary - your road bike really needs to hold together when flying down djouce etc.

I've taken to learning to do everything myself over time. Bike maintenance isn't hard, if you are willing to spend a bit of time at it, all the info is out there... I've just gotten to the stage where I've built up my post recent bike from parts bought on-line. It's taken me a good bit of time, and I've spent money on tools (money I've saved by doing things myself), but now if it breaks, I can fix it, and I know that some care and attention has gone into assembling it correctly.

As others have said, if you are willing to spend a bit of time learning about bikes (which is reasonable if you are going to spend lots of money on them, or lots of time), you are better off saving money and buying online, and doing installations and maintenance yourself..

In my experience buying online is always cheaper than local dublin bike shops, at least 20%, and up to 40% on some items... and that was before recent sterling dive.

If you do use a bike shop in Dublin, make sure that it's one of the better ones... I've found The Cycle Inn good for maintenance in the past, also had good experiences picking up bits from Joe Daly's... wouldn't recommend any of the others I've dealt with.

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Ciaran500 said:

EDIT: Is there any good Trek dealers around Dublin? Any shop I went into said they don't stock Treks but they'd order one in for me.

McDonalds on Wexford street and Joe Dalys Dundrum. I reckon the reason trek won't allow their dealers to buy online is that if they're only allowed be to sold in store (and hence won't be discounted) they will be viewed by consumers as a premium product. Now their policy is a right pain in the arse - i've spoted a trek portland on the evans cycles website for £900 - if i wasn't repeating this year i'd have probably snapped it up. Still with the online sales ban its impossible and the portland isn't being sold outside the USA anymore, as best as I can tell.

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I bought my last bike from

I did try and buy in Ireland but no bike shop I visited could come near the spec for the same price....I saved €600 on a €1000 was a no brainer..

There very good to deal with, the derailer snapped off my bike 2 weeks after getting scraped the frame badly and buckled the back wheel....

No problem, the sent me out a new bike the exact same and picked up the old one.....excellent service......I would highly recommend them if your thinking of buying online...

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