Hi all,

Just thought I'd impart a bit of research I'd done so that anyone who, like me, was cursed with smaller that average breasts, will maybe contemplate a natural remedy before embarking on surgery as a resolution.

I've spent years wondering about these so called wonder pills like Volutuo and Erdic and the like and whether or not they actually work. It seems like they do or they don't and there's no exact guarantee that they will or they won't for you. I have never tried them as I've never had the spare cash but if I did I would gladly have rid myself of however much it would cost to be bigger busted!! After doing a bit of rooting on the internet I've found out a few bits and pieces some of you may be interested in:

1) These commercial pills like volutuo are a hit and miss science. The herbs contained in the pills are of such a low concentration that they will have little or no influence on a woman's breast growth. In addition everybody's body reacts in a different way because everyone will have different levels of different hormones so there really is no blanket way of providing all women with a pill that will definately work.....sorry!! You may be one of the lucky ones but I for one wouldn't want to risk the bucks and also the fact that you don't really know what exactly you're taking either!!

2) Beware of most of the pills and products advertised on the internet. A number of them are masquerading as different products, under different websites, but they are in fact one and the same. Some companies have even set up "review" websites that appear unbiased promoting their own product above others.

3) Ultimately the herbs and suplemments necessary to take in order to increase bust size depend on your own make up so you need to develop the programme that feels most comfortable for you and that works. This may take time and alot of patience but from what I have seen is possible.

4) There is loads of drivel out there on this topic, most of it solely to trick you into purchasing something that's probably going to have zero effect but in all this I've come across a couple of sites that are well worth a look if you're interested in this issue:

www.breastnexus.com : this is a brilliant site, I'd advise anyone wondering about this topic reading throught the reference pages first, in particular "information for newcomers" (bottom to top) as there is lots of information about the herbs, supplements and other methods of natural breast enhancement. In addition, you can access the programmes used by different women to increase bust size and see the actual results for yourself with before and after pictures.

http://www.botanicalbeautylab.com/beautybreastenlargement.html :
This article just gives a rundown of the theory behind natural breast enlargement and a basic suggestions if planning on going down this route.

www.flat2fab.com : This book is a good guide to what you need to do in order to promote breast growth, it's not one of these gimmicky things intent on trying to get you to buy this or that product like so many others are.

I hope this information is of use to someone, I just thought that after spending alot of time and effort researching this I might as well share with someone!

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