ImDave Registered User

Simple question people. If the girl was your perfect woman besides the whiff coming from her box. would ya lick it??

Katja Registered User

I smell a trolling spammer...

Sherifu Registered User

Lock for 1.

NoQuarter Registered User

would ya lick a trolling spammer??

slipss Registered User

there may be trouble ahead...

Feelgood Registered User

Well technically its a legit question...

Sir Gallagher Registered User

Ah sure why not, just don't breath in.

Rb Banned

It didn't stop me doing yore ma OP, so I'll have to say no.

AckwelFoley Registered User


I dont like sea food.


i would, have and probably will

GhostInTheRuins Registered User

Good smelly or bad smelly?

Feelgood Registered User

Whats bothering me is that if you swap the word Teletubby from the Teletubby theme tune, with Smelly sounds and works perfect.

TestTransmission Registered User

if u havent,ur not a real man.

Gillo Registered User

Try it with Balamorey

Loopy Registered User

Yuk Yuk Yuk...

Remember my man telling me that years ago a friend of his went down on this girl and she was rank. Anyway, he had just eaten a big pizza and puked it up all over her unwashed lady garden...

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