mickjohnlong Registered User

hi hope you can help me

my sky box is stuck in stand by i tried the force the software download the screen comes up saying do not disconnect but stay on that screen can any one help me i did a search but anything i tried its hasnt worked

byte Registered User

What model of Pace box is it? If it's a Pace 2200/2500, it's possibly a tuner fault. Not sure if it's worth repairing, assuming this to be the case.

mickjohnlong Registered User

yea its the 2500 model is there any way i can test it to see if it is or could it be anything else

byte Registered User

Try it in a friends house maybe, or get the lend of a box to try in your house.

mickjohnlong Registered User

have tried the box and another house had still no joy and have tried a different box in my house and it works

byte Registered User

At least now you know what's at fault. It's probably best to get a box off eBay than repair that one, as it's old now anyway, and newer boxes are quicker.

Or, as has worked for some, ring Sky and tell them your box is faulty, and see if you can get it replaced for free - this may require you to threaten them with cancelling your subscription.

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