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This is €695 for 3 people which is €232. Other wise it would be 550 for 2 or 349 for 1(16 months) This is great price for a great gym. I've been around all in the area and was in the NAC for the previous year. West point seemed the best to me.

This expires at the end of April. Any takers let me know.

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Suprman Registered User

This is a great offer at €183 per person for a great gym. At €3.50 a week this offer could suti casual users. Offer expires 15th of May. Anybody interested contact me

Suprman Registered User

Just to clarify this is in Dublin 15 so would suit anyone in the ares

cabla Registered User

myself and a friend will do it, ill pm you

dublinear Registered User

if not, let me know till 2morrow night!

Suprman Registered User

dublinear said:
if not, let me know till 2morrow night!

Got 2 people and signed up on Mon, just put another thread up. They did the same deal last month I think. So amybe wait utill June.

dublinear Registered User

i guess i'll see at the gym sometimes soon

DeclanB Registered User

Hey, I'm new to all this and am pretty computer iliterate, but, myself and my wife are looking to join Northwood Leisure center and at the moment they are offering 12 months membership + 5 months extra for €265 per person, if 3 people join. So if you're interested please let me know.

davec9313 Registered User

Hi Declan..

If you are still looking for the third person, I will do it.


First Explorer Registered User

Anybody else looking for an extra person to join to avail of this offer?? Apparently it ends at the end of this month, so if anybody needs an extra person give me a shout, free every night till Friday to join!

Mr. Incognito Registered User

Hi there,

The Carylisle is 249 for 15 months with 4. I have two including myself- anyone that want to join this week pm me.


If you have found (OMGZ!11!!!!!1) the deal of the century for gym membership but you need an extra person please advertise it here. All posts of this nature in the main forum will also be moved to this thread.

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louielou Registered User

need 3 people for carlisle gym offer . 999 for 4 people for 15 months. Ends tommorow 31st oct. Please PM asap.

Gillo Registered User

Just a suggestion, but could the title be changed to cover any other gym also, eg, Jackie Skelly, Crunch etc.

Chances are it's only a matter of time before they bring out a similar offer.

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lucylou2000 Registered User

Hi all,
I see that Westwood next to the Blanchardstown shopping centre has an offer of €890 for 4 members... only €222.50 per person per year! Are there others interested in joining that we could all go in together to avail of this offer?

Hope to hear from you,


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