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hi,does anyone know how to prevent my fishpond going green in the summer,i had awfull trouble last year,please dont suggest,uv filter,ive just got the bog standard one,its done me the last 7 years, i just get trouble when its really hot.thanx

myjugsarehuge Registered User

Have you got plenty of surface cover, lilies and the like? I read a pond needs at least 1/2 the surface area shaded otherwise the algae get too much light and take over. I know that barley straw, a bundle thrown in, works wonders for green water supposedly. Not sure where it would be stocked near you?

We have a big natural pool with koi, goldfish and orfe, no filter but we lucky it has a stream running into it (and out the other end) so don't need a pump. It doesn't go green exactly but the blanket weed starts growing this time of year but once the pond weed starts oxygenating and surface plants start growing it sort of balances itself out. We tried getting the blanket weed out one year, 8 barrow loads of it lol, but it just grew back, I think we stirred up the debris in the bottom and gave the algae more to feed on. So now we leave it alone.

almanu Registered User

jeez mate it sound like you goy a fairly humongus pond,mine is only 9ft by 6 ft,thanx for the advice,have a couple of lillies must get more.

Jimkel Registered User

Plant some weeping willow or large bush near the pond, try filter out the sun with as much cover as possible.

almanu Registered User

i totally agree mate, so i sould give my pond as much cover as possible,cheers lads.

flynnc Registered User

what you have is suspended green algae is present in all natural aquatic environment and in small quantities it is beneficial.however, when excess nutrients and light are available the algae in your pond can become think and out of control, it can also harm your fish as it can clog your filter and foul the water and irritate the fish's gill and deplete the oxygen in the water mostly at night, you should go to your pet shop and get some green water control

almanu Registered User

cheers mate ,have you got the name of that water controll.

myjugsarehuge Registered User

almanu said:
jeez mate it sound like you goy a fairly humongus pond,mine is only 9ft by 6 ft,thanx for the advice,have a couple of lillies must get more.

It is quite big, its about 30ft x 14ft at a guess? its only 2-3ft deep though, no liner we just dug a hole and let the stream filll it up. We've got 6 lilys I think, Lidl had some last year quite reasonably priced and they were fine. Its got some fish but I love the wildlife more; whirligig beetles, water boatmen, damselflies larvae and mayflies, saw my first mayfly hatch last night.

Be careful of leaves falling in from weeping willows etc if you do plant trees nearby for shade. The leaves will rot and cause problems if your pond ices over.

Hope you get it sorted out

almanu Registered User

wow thats pretty impressive, mine is deep about 4-5 ft in places, you need it that deep for breeding, woops im probley going to get somone going no you need it this dept or that dept,i find it perfect for breeding,dont tell the council, but i change the water every few days lol.if i leave it while i go on hols or anything i get in to trouble,thats why i was looking for help,all my fish are 100% healthy that way,i wouldnt be able to breed them other you live near dublin,i could give you some chibunkins,ive got some large ones,im going to have to get rid soon,yours looks big enough if your intrested,free of course, im not in it for the money.i might get a few clippings in return,you have a really pretty garden.nice view aswell.[ATTACH]54900[/ATTACH]the one with the white and silver is a chibunkin, he,s only a baby well 2yr old he,s about 9 in long,IF ANY FISH EXPERTS ARE WACTHEN THIS ITS NOT 100% CHIBUNKIN ITS CROSSED.there a lovely fish,a bit stupid regarding magpies and such,even the gold fish dive for cover when there around,you really need a net cover,like i have,but you seem to have alot of cover,im rambelin on here ,get back to me mate if your interested.almanu

myjugsarehuge Registered User

Thanks for the offer but i'm down near Cork. The goldfish bred a while back and we have about 100 babies possibly, I've lost count. They are 1-2 inches long, most changed colour. I'll be giving them away if they all reach adulthood. There are 5 or 6 decent sized koi in it and 2 large golden orfe. Don't think they have bred though just the goldfish.

almanu Registered User

yeah koi are stuck up little fckers,you have to wine and dine them a bit,it took 4 years before i got any fish love action from them lol,you sound well stocked any way best of luck.

flynnc Registered User

there is a few on the market the best or made by tetra or king british

The Artist Banned

Blagdon Minipond UV Clarifier 6000 9w

Green Water UV Clarifier
Effective long term control of green water.
Chemical free solution.
Safe and simple to install.
For pond max size 6000ltr, For koi pond in full sunlight 1687ltr.
Max Flow 3000ltr.
Inlet & Outlet 25mm.
My next door neighbour has a large pond and uses the Uv clarifier and happy with it and has tub of green clean;
Immediate Algae Control)

Green Clean can be used to treat and control string algae, green water algae and also is a great solution to clean your ponds. Green Clean is excellent in conjunction with beneficial bacteria products and will not affect or discolor pond liners. This product is also safe for fish and other aquatic animals.

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