Albert Speer

Wilhelm Ritter Von Leeb


Prinz August Wulhelm von Preusse

Von Ribbentrop



The Red Baron

Alexander Kerensky

Nicolas II in cossack uniform

There are lots more here - the colourising work is excellent in my view.

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marcsignal Registered User

Excellent Pics Morlar

though there was one pic on that site ......

.....that was just crying out for a photoshopping

Ardennes1944 Registered User

it's a shame nothing has been posted here in a while


Here is one, its NSFW, a Wehrmacht War Crime picture;


Here is the original before the propagandists got their hands on it;

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kowloon Registered User



Gerdus Registered User

TerrorFirmer said:
Sudetan woman crying as forced to give Hitler salute, 1938.

I know that I might be two years too late, but I just wanted to point out that the description of the image might be false due to the unfortunate cropping of the image. The picture was taken in the German part of Czechoslovakia where the Anschluss was welcomed by the local population (as you can see on the original image):

So it might as well have been tears of joy...

marcsignal Registered User

great shot of a B26 Crew

A British paratroopers Grave at Arnhem, buried by the Germans.

Test Firing guns on an RAF deHavilland Mosquito

RAF deHavilland Mosquito low level fly past (looks like it could have been photoshopped, but a good pick nonetheless)

A rare pic of a Stuka with passenger pods. The overwing passenger pods tried on the Ju.87D-3 were the ultimate expression of the concept, making the pods almost an integral part of the aircraft. Each pod could carry two passengers. They were designed to be released whilst the aircraft was in a shallow dive, descending on a huge parachute.


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colorwarphotos Registered User

Hi guys.
My name is Ian and I am originally from Carlow.
I actually know many of the ww2 collectors here which is cool.
I wanted to invite you guys to see some of my photos. I am putting all my original color photos from ww2 in the different sections of the site to organise things.
Its kinda cool because i have been talking about this idea with other collectors at the north star military fairs for years and now I have actually started.

So please let me know what you guys think.
Best wishes.


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marcsignal Registered User


Nice 1 Ian, fair play to you, that looks great


colorwarphotos Registered User

Thanks Marc.
I am really happy now to start showing some of my collection.
It was just a real pity having all these great original ww2 color photos hidden away in boxes.
Better to let the world enjoy them and also for me to learn a lot more about them !

Best wishes.

BlackEdelweiss Registered User

Hi Ian,
I am a fairly small scale collector and I would love to get a few photos to add to my collection. Can you direct me to a good place for a beginner to start buying photos without getting ripped off with fakes. It is only German photos I am interested in if that makes any difference.

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