• 21/22 June (88.89%)
  • 19/20 July (11.11%)
Doodee purple headed warrior

Right Folks,

Its that time again. Options are gonna be easier for now with just 2 poll options to begin with.

June 21/22
July 19/20

Get polling!


June please.

strat Registered User

Aye, June sounds about right. Mmmmm Kristen...

po0k Registered User


Shiminay Moderator

Arakis (aka Dune).


Doodee purple headed warrior

2 days left folks,

Its looking likely to be June!

po0k Registered User

Doodee purple headed warrior

21st/22nd wins!



Looking forward to this. Missed the last one.


I've missed the last 2.......when's the next one?

Doodee purple headed warrior

So you can make it a hattrick?

dunno, the room is being redone at the mo. Floors were tiled and they have added some Power and Networking sockets to the walls. Will find out after that.

how many people can we expect this time round? Galway gamers seem to be hiding lately.

TF2 lan!

Shiminay Moderator

I'm well up for a TF2 LAN. With a bit of luck we'll get it in before the end of the year, yea?

Doodee purple headed warrior

I'll talk to John and Danny and see what they think. we will post back here when we have some ideas


Aye going for hattrick!!!

Would be up for a TF2 LAN alright.


Just had a brainwave, how about a LAN the weekend Left 4 Dead comes out? I think it's due out on November 20th.

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