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:confused:Just looking for information on Puraflo systems, I am looking for retention on my site but to get retention I may have to install a Puraflo system or something similar. Any newly built houses in my area have a pureflow system and all have raised percolation areas. I imagine that I may have to install same or similar system but I will have to pay a surveyor at least €1000 + VAT to tell me this, is there any way around this and can anybody recommend a particular system and a rough estimate on cost. Thanking you in advance for your advice.

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You may not necessarily need a Puraflo system. It is one of the dearer systems on the market. You will require a site assessment and the report accompanying that assessment will recommend the type of treatment system thats best suited for your site not the particular brand name (Puraflo is a branded product).

For example the report may recommend a mechanical aeration system. After that you get out the yellow pages and ring round for quotes. Just be sure that it has an Agrement Cert.

There is no way round this as the results of the assessment must accompany your planning application and nobody here can recommend a system as we dont know what your site conditions are. Thats why you pay to have someone carry out an assessment for you.

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