mrincredible Registered User

Hi guys
About to book a week in Lanzarote with, just wondering if anyone has booked through these guys before? I've already paid deposit but didn't do much research before.
I've googled them and have seen a couple of dody stories and it's really got me a bit worried...

Any experiences or advice would be really appreciated.


Moanin Registered User

I've used them a few times with no problems

lasno Registered User

I too have used them before with no problems. However, about 3 weeks ago I booked a hotel in Madrid and still have not received my hotel voucher.
I have emailed customer service twice with no success, also tried their telephone system but again no success and my hotel is booked for the 18th of november.

lasno Registered User

After another email, voucher has arrived. All is forgiven!

Alzar Registered User

Used them for a hotel in Fuerteventura & then read the bad reviews after booking
Glad to report that there were no problems whatsoever


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