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I got this directly from RTE towards the end of March:

"I am happy to report that we are in the final testing phases of Windows Media versions of all our radio streams. We hope to launch it by next week."

So with any luck that will be going live soon. I think enough people have actually complained about the Real format. They've saved about €1m on closing down MW so rather than blow it all on DAB it would be good to see them deliver a decent quality set of streams.

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There are alternative to Real player to play RealMedia. IMO they should do 3 or 4 (QT, WM, Real and whatever is favorite OSS at the mo).

The biggest issue is how inaccessible the links are.

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watty said:
whatever is favorite OSS at the mo

Probably Ogg Vorbis for streaming audio. It would be nice if they offered that and or MP3 or AAC at a reasonable bitrate for people who care about sound quality - if they just offer the URL hidden somewhere it wouldn't use too much bandwidth. And for the case of Vorbis it won't cost them anything in licensing and is supported by pretty much every computer platform one way or another (unlike every other codec - dunno about support with internet radios).

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The WMP streams have been live now for over a month and working really well. Found by Fugros from the Sonos forums but they are not published yet.

Radio 1:

Radio 1 Extra:


Lyric FM:

Radio na Gaeltachta:

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The worst is the fact that they used to have good podcasts that could use iTunes - easy and pleasant to navigate, and you could save them to iPod or CD and play them in the car.

Trying to navigate on Real Player is hideous - a blunt instrument. If you try to move the cursor back a smidge to hear a sentence again, you have to patiently listen to three or four paragraphs before getting to it. Horrid.

Why on earth did they revert to a worse technology?

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Hey, I can't get rte rtsp streams to work on my E51, realplayer says it can't find the server... have tried all the addresses supplied above... anyone know of a stream address that'll work on E51? (ha, can listen fine to BBCWS)

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Did anyone get the Irish internet stations working on Linuxs Rhythmbox?

Could open a big discussion here... Why does Rte broadcast in WM format and Real player?? They make tonnes of cash surely they can deliver to the open source community and make it patron friendly.

L1011 Moderator

"patron friendly" and "open source streaming" do not go hand in hand.

The best format available, AAC+, means that Windows users have to download codecs and Mac users have to download alternative programmes AND change file handlers as iTunes will try; and fail to handle it

Ogg requires 90% of users to download codecs which, on Windows, are really flaky.

mp3 isn't actually a good stream format...

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RTE keep changing the URLs. I've given up on them and just use VHF/FM radio for RTE now.

BBC don't, I have real player links saved over a year ago on my E65. They are very big links created by browsing BBC website on the phone.

You can try these for BBC.

They are NOT the links I use on my phone, but the R4 one works pasted into "File Open" on "real alternative"/"Media Player Classic".

On PC you don't have to use RealPlayer:

This also looks good resource for rtsp bbc links on phone


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MYOB said:
... Ogg requires 90% of users to download codecs which, on Windows, are really flaky ...

I believe direct support for ogg (vorbis and theora) is to be integrated into Firefox. Perhaps that will change the situation.

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watty said:
What would be so hard about

I live abroad and don't fancy the idea of being tied to my computer to listen in.

I've bought an Apple AirPort Express to stream MP3s, podcasts, etc from iTunes to another room over wifi but iTunes can't read RTE's RealAudio stream.

VLC seems to support streaming so I installed it in the hope of converting the RTE stream to a local stream in a format that iTunes can read. Unfortunately, I can't get the configuration right. Would anyone be able to help? The current streaming URL in radio1.smil is rtsp://

All help greatly appreciated!

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Some success with RTE's wma stream mms:// I've configured VLC to convert to an MP3 stream locally over http.

There's a bit of a delay compared to the direct live stream on RTE's website. Also seems to struggle at times if the computer is busy with other processes so maybe not the best for music unless you've got a powerful CPU - but possibly good enough for talk radio.

A bit flaky but it's the best result I've had so far.

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Update 2

Finally, I found a solution that removes the weakest link (iTunes):

tretle Registered User

hmmmm.... .ogg ?

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Having updated to Ubuntu9.04, I lost my Irish radio stations on Linux Rhythmbox Player...
I then installed the vlc player and used the .asx links as per Lamplighters post. They worked.

On the Rhythmbox Player I inputted the following which have worked:

RTE Radio 1
RnG Radio
Lyric FM

Has anyone got up-to-date BBC radio links?
I,too, try to avoid Realplayer if I can!

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