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Guy that used to be in the vibe is now in longford, the shop number is 0862081515 and think its called longford ink, hope this helps!!

bandra8126 Registered User

The fella who was in the paradise shop in longford has moved next door to subway in longford / tesco carpark - his name is Rusland - no. 0879070168 - i had a cover up job done there which i am very happy with , he's a good artist and very reasonably priced and new shop is clean .
I've been to glen in Outback in mullingar - I was very happy with his work and i had no problem with hygene e.c.t - he is a portsmouth supporter - but everyone has there faults :-) - I am happy to e-mail pics of my tattoos if anyone is interested .

minerals Registered User

i got some great work done in outback by Glen, fab tattoo, just drawn on by him. Guy is a fantastic free hand artist . I'd been around so many tattoo places trying to find someone who could suggest something that wouldn't look ridiculous in a few years; to cover up a horrible mistake from some years back. What I got from him is fab. It's cool and feminine at the same time.
He made sure and have a good chat with me to make sure I got what I wanted. Couldn't be happier and found the hygiene good also.
Just because the guy isn't running a hospital like show, doesn't mean he's not first class. Needles were changed and all proper care followed.
I'd go back to him again. In fact I wouldn't go anywhere else.

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