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We'll have to validate posts before they come up so don't worry if you don't see your new post or thread immediately if you chose to post anonymously. This is unfortunately necessary to stop spam etc.

Please don't abuse this function, it's not real anonymity (the admins can see the IP address and figure out who's taking the piss if people start doing it).

This function is there to allow people to go unregistered for work issues and prevents someone figuring out who they are "on boards". Use it if you don't want the possibility of this happening.

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How to post anonymously

If you are logged in to, then you must log out first before you can post anonymously. When you do this, you can enter an anonymous username and start a thread. One of the moderators will need to approve the thread and any subsequent anonymous posts before they are visible.

Please be careful when posting here anonymously.

Just because you're not using your username does not mean you can't be identified by what you post. You should assume that threads won't be deleted on request once you get some answers - they get cached very quickly by google anyway.

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