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I installed a Hauppauge (sp?) WinTV2000 tuner card and its fine with the video but I get no audio!

Theres a 'Line Out' socket on the card and I plug the audio cable in there and then into my Sound card, But still theres nothing! I'm not to sure what to select in the audio preferences either (Wave, Front, Surround etc.).

Does anyone have this and could help?


wintv 2000 is the software, not the card.
find out what card are you using and what signal is conected to it? (analog / sky /ntl digital etc)

try unplugging the line out as you shouldnt need that connected anyway

pc spec and os would also be useful

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Its a Dell Dimension 4600 with 1gb RAM, XP Home SP2.

I used to have it working but I can't get it now

Thanks for the reply


you could start by checking the mute settings on your sound card.
until you post up the model of tv card i cant really confirm how it should be set up, but its likely that you need to set the output of it to either -
1) wave audio and specify your sound card as the device or
2) line out and stereo as the format.

failing that can you play back previosly recorded tv in the tv software?
or can you try recording a few minutes now and playing it back in another piece of software and let us know the results.

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Those TV cards are crazy yokes! I have a Hauppauge card as well. I found reinstalling the drivers, software and codecs solved any problems nearly every time. If you can dig up the model, there are usually step-by-step instructions on Hauppauge's site.

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you could try plug some headphones or amplified speakers directly into the line out socket, see if theres sound, that would tell you if its the soundcard or the tv card thats giving you the problem

sound like one of the basic wintv pci cards if it has a line out socket

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